What will be the New Google change SEO in 2021?

Hey guys welcome back again so in this blog we are going to talk about how exactly google is going to rank your pages in your 2021 yes guys this time is to say goodbye to 2020 but we have to well prepared with the ranking strategy in the google for year 2021 and that’s why in this Blog  i’m going to explain you little bit different idea but something which is google is changing in their backend so that you will be prepared and you will get to know those three ranking factors for the upcoming google ranking criteria so if you are a blogger and just right now writing a blog in a different way trying or learning from different places then make sure you stay till then because here in this Blog  i’m going to explain the three ways through which the google is supposed to rank your website in the coming 2021 so what are those three ways and how exactly you can optimize your website around those three ways that’s what i’m going to explain here in this Blog  till then but if you’re new to this channel guys then make sure you hit subscribe and appreciate my efforts as well as give me a reason for motivation so that i will keep making more and more Blogs and don’t forget to share so i will keep making Blogs accordingly without wasting time Lets Discuss three factors on which google is about to rank your website in 2021 so here we on the screen first of all guys if you are new to the blogging and looking for free learning on how exactly you can grow your blog then three ways in which google is planning to rank your website in the coming future and those three ways are number one is a normal web search the number two is a feature snippet and number three which is about to come in the google ranking factor is the passage indexing yes guys this is going to be the biggest change in the google search engine history after the penguin update which was happened very bad just to uh punish those spammy backlink website that actually impacted only three percent of the overall website but this passage indexing is a new feature which is actually going to impact more than seven percent of the search engine ranking so this is a very huge impact which is about to come into google and i’m going to explain here everything all about all these three factors and how exactly you can get an idea what google is ranking in the google so let’s talk about the normal ranking in the google so what i’ve done is simply you will go to the google bar and if you will search your seo learning then after yeah obviously these are the ads which is actually been marketed but then after that you can see these are the general pages so this is the normal search which is right now going on and was also in the past as well this was the beginning right once you search the query it actually start displaying all the organic pages one by one simply like daughter pages simply user can click to this and can get the detail or learning over it but then after google has introduced a new feature which they call the feature snippet so how feature snippet look like guys so feature snippet was an enhancement and in that case your content i mean some part of your content was been extracted and that is supposed to be displayed at the top ranking of that particular uh particular keyword so how it look like let image in our search here keyword how seo work then after what google has done is these are the normal ranking pages but out of those all the ranking pages it extracted some detail from this particular website and displayed it here as a feature snippet so this is called a text feature snippet future snippet could be of different type one is a text second one is of list third one is of table or fourth one could be of a Blog  so what exactly it is is basically if your page is optimized around a certain topic then after if google found like you have briefly answered that query somewhere in your content then actually it extracted that detail and start displaying in at number zero if i will count it as a number one then so this is a number zero position in the google ranking and this is known as a feature snippet so there you can see i searched this one and google started displaying about this paragraph now let’s talk about if i search this particular query google has displayed this list similarly in for couple of queries or couple of keyword you can see some list or you can see some tables or the Blog s as well so guys this is the concept of feature snippet and how exactly you can optimize your content for this feature snippet make sure you provide me the comments so i will make a future Blog  so that even you can learn how exactly you can capture the feature snippet in the google search engine ranking now let’s talk about the third one which is about to come in 2021 which is yet not rolled out but been already announced and the systems are in place to get it rolled out and that one is guys passage indexing so now what is passage indexing there is a little bit difference in between the feature snippet and passage indexing but for that let’s first take a screenshot from here search engine land there you can see how exactly it will be after the passage indexing rollout so what happened is that you can see someone is searching for this particular query how can i determine if my house window are uv glass so earlier what google was doing is it actually ranking the page which was optimized around a uv radiation only it was not specific to window not specific to or not specific to house window for uv glass but this what it was doing is simply was checking and the relevant page which was completely optimized around that particular keyword so that google was displaying that page but after this passage indexing roll out now what happen is google will not check your complete page what it check is the sub topic within the content if you have written a content that is all about your house then within that house if you have written a specific section that actually addressing this query then even you will be having a chances of getting rank your website for that specific keyword and this is called a passage indexing so now it looks similar right if you will see this one this is a bit little bit similar to what i can say feature snippet when you compare it with the text feature snippet it looks similar so what is the major difference and what exactly you have to do remember guys okay feature snippet is an extraction of certain text or a list or a Blog  or a table from a blog post which is totally around that particular topic okay so once you have written some content which is totally around that particular query within that content if you have summarized that complete post you know two or three lines then google was extracting that so in order to get a feature snippet your complete website post should be around that particular keyword and should focus around that particular keyword only but what is the passage indexing guys in the passage indexing your complete post cannot be relevant for that particular query but within that post if you have written some paragraph which is actually answering a particular query and similarly you can take an example of a sub heading if you have written some sub heading and that sub heading is answering that particular query and if user is typing that sub heading in the google then there are chances like not your complete website page but that particular page will rank just because you have answered that particular query within the content and that is known as a passage indexing i hope you got an idea the difference between that feature snippet in that case your complete post should be around that particular query only and the passage indexing is something like not your complete post but a certain section or subsection or sub heading which is actually targeting that query and answering that query in that case guys your website will start ranking so this is the coming change in 2021 and i’m expecting you guys to be prepared with that and start writing your content around it so you will get an advantage of google passage indexing so guys there are three ways which i’ll explain you one is a normal search the second one is a feature snippet and third one is a passage indexing and make sure you optimize your content to grab more and more organic traffic and once this passage indexing will roll out as i said seven percent of the existing search engine ranking will be impacted so probably of yours as well hey guys i hope this Blog  has been helpful for you

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