SiteGround Review 2021

siteground review my personal experience pros and cons of using this web hosting service and absolutely everything else that you need to know i’ll be explaining everything in this video to you guys to help you make an informed decision on whether or not to go with this web host okay so stay tuned for that i don’t want to mess around on this video guys i want to make this as quick as possible so let’s jump to the computer and i’ll show you everything you need to know about siteground let’s go all right then guys so here we are on the siteground website and as you can see they’ve got you covered for any type of website that you need okay a business website a wordpress website a woocommerce website absolutely anything that you need siteground will have you covered okay and their prices are competitive with every single other web hosting platform out there okay so they’re all around the same price they might vary one or two bucks but it’s not a big deal because that works out to like a few cents per day so most of you guys are probably going to be using wordpress for your websites uh that’s what i use for most of my websites because it’s so easy to use so that’s what i’m focusing on in this video all right so let’s click on this right here you can see it says manage your wordpress sites easily and with more freedom and that is true guys okay so wordpress actually recommends siteground if you go to the wordpress website right here these are their recommended uh web hosting platforms okay so we’ve got siteground right here i’ve done a review on bluehost in the past i’ve actually recommended this and as well but siteground is another one that i recommend just because it works very very well with wordpress so if you’re trying to create a wordpress website or blog they will have you covered all right it works 100 is 100 compatible and it’s very easy to use with just a few clicks to install it so let’s go back to the siteground website we’ll click on here and i’ll show the different prices and the different plans that you can go with with siteground alright so i’m not going to go into too much detail about these uh these different plans guys okay just need to know that the startup one is obviously for people who are just starting up just wanted to create their first website because this one is 3.95 per month that is the cheapest one obviously but you’re only going to get one website with that okay you’re going to be very very limited with this startup package but if you just want to create your first website then this one will be fine for you okay but otherwise guys i would go with either the grow big plan or the go geek plan okay each one just gives you more and more features you can come on to the website and check out all the different features if you don’t know what any of them are just google them or you can leave a comment down below and i’ll get back to you explaining what that feature actually will do for you but the prices as you can see very very competitive with every single other web postings platform out there you’re not going to get much cheaper than this guys and if you do yeah you’re going to lose out on speeds and stuff like that okay so the prices are great the actual plans themselves you get all the features that you that you will that you will need basically guys and as you can see they basically got you covered for your monthly visits this is how much traffic you can get to the websites 25 000 that’s a lot of traffic i won’t i don’t expect you to get to that amount of traffic anytime soon i hope you do in the future but uh it’ll probably take you a little while guys okay so any of these packages will probably be good for you entirely up to you which one you choose click the link in the description come to here have a look through them decide which one is going to be best for you all right guys so let’s click on one of these packages okay let’s just click on the grow big package because that’s in the middle it’s the best-selling one so let’s just click on this and i’ll show you that uh you don’t actually get a free domain with siteground some web hosting platforms such as bluehost which i’ve done a review on if you want to check that out i’ll have a link for that in the description down below for you guys okay that’ll help you decide between siteground and bluehost uh but yeah bluehost actually give you a free domain siteground do not okay they do not give you a free domain so this is gonna cost you an extra around 16 per year if you decide to get your domain with siteground you can buy your domain elsewhere okay if you already have a domain then just click this button right here and that’s going to take away that 16 per year uh but it’s entirely up to you if you have a domain or if you don’t have a domain you can buy one on here or you can buy it on a third-party website but yeah i just want to show you that you can choose any of these look there’s all sorts of different ones dot these are the popular ones obviously and they’ve got all these new ones right here dot pro dot plumbing anything that you might need you can get any sort of domain with siteground but it is not free so one thing that’s very very important for siteground are their speeds okay they focus on getting their speech as fast as possible okay so if you come over to here on the technology tab right here and click on speed you can read all about their technology that they have to make their speed very very fast but the main thing is they have ssd drives on all plans so they’ve got solid state drives on every single plan even their cheapest one so you don’t have to worry about speeds whatever plan you choose they are fair with everyone with this and i can say personally guys i’ve had no problems with speeds whatsoever if you come over to here on gt metrics this website will check your speeds view on your website uh my website is a blog website at okay but this website is very very big guys they’ve got hundreds of reviews on here each with a lot of pictures and a lot of youtube videos embedded as well so these speeds that i’m getting uh they are a lot they’re probably lower than what you’ll get okay if you’re just starting out and building a smaller website you’re gonna get a lot quicker speeds but mine is still pretty fast considering how big my website is like i said it’s got hundreds of different pages on there all sorts of reviews and images i’m still getting 3.2 seconds for a fully loaded time okay i’m getting a b which is 80 and if you compare it to the average that’s 72 percent then i’m getting a lot faster speeds than the average website which is great and that is all thanks to siteground okay but these speeds could even be made faster guys if you look down here this is just my fault um when i first started making my website i didn’t know about like optimizing my images compressing them and stuff like that and i still haven’t even got around to doing it today just because i’ve been lazy to be honest guys so if i did that my speeds would be greatly increased together be a lot faster as you can see here 48 reduction if i was to optimize my images compress them all i would get 48 speed reduction so be a lot faster um that’s what’s lowering it right now it’s at 80 if i was to optimize it compress the images this would probably be 90 plus percent because the speeds on cyclone are very very fast but i’ve honestly had no problems whatsoever i’ve had no complaints 3.2 seconds is still very very fast even though my website is not optimized with the images another important factor when it comes to choosing some web hosting is the uptime okay so if we go over to technology again and you can see right here uptime 99.9 uptime they say it’s guaranteed okay and i i believe that because i’ve had no problems whatsoever in the whole time i’ve been with siteground which is quite long by now i’ve had no problems with uptime whatsoever it’s been 100 for me since i’ve been with them so it’s 99.99 uh it’s pretty much 100 guys they just didn’t put that you know the point zero one just because they wanna you know if it does ever go down you know they won’t have any problems for themselves right there if they guaranteed 100 and it went down for like 30 minutes they’d have a lot of problems so yeah but i have never ever had any downtime he’s been up and running my websites constantly guys okay so i think i’ve gone over everything that you could possibly need to know okay the speeds are fantastic the uptime is pretty much 100 i’ve never had any problems the uh the support they give you the 24 7 custom support is great as well they are very fast at replying no matter what time of day it is like i said i’m in thailand i’m in a completely different time zone to the them and they still got back to me pretty much within a few minutes every single time i’ve needed any help and it works fantastic with wordpress if you are trying to create a wordpress website this is going to work perfectly for you it is actually recommended by wordpress themselves it has full compatibility you should have no problems okay so all great reasons to start a website and get your web hosting with siteground okay if you have any questions whatsoever i will be glad to help you just leave a comment down below okay and guys if you are looking to build a website i’m guessing you are if you’re looking at this siteground review then you’re probably looking to build a website i’ve actually got a video on my channel okay which shows you how to create a website in under 10 minutes okay it’s very very easy to do so go to that video right now okay i’ll have that link in the description down below if you want to make a website watch that you can get your website up and running in less than 10 minutes all right guys so there we go that is my siteground review i hope you enjoyed it i hope this was informative to you and helped you make a decision on whether or not to go with siteground whether you are starting your first website okay or if you are not happy with your current web hosting service then this one’s going to work for you okay click the link in the description down below and that’s going to give you the best discounted price at this current time okay so check that link click it right now see what price is available right now because the prices are changing quite often depending when you’re watching this video the price might have changed by now but that link down there will always have the best current discount for you guys so if you enjoyed this video please don’t forget to give it a thumbs up it really helps out the channel i greatly appreciate it don’t forget to subscribe as well share this video with friends and family and i will see you in the next one 

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