One Funnel Away (OFA) Challenge Review

hey what’s going on everyone it’s vinay pawar  welcome to my one funnel away challenge review blog and now i’m at the members area of this one funnel away challenge so in just a minute i’m gonna share with you step by step and explain to you what this one funnel away challenge is and what you’re going to get from it and as well as sharing with you some thoughts and cons about this one funnel away challenge i did this one final array challenge uh in term in 2020 uh actually on march 29 2020 and this was the first training i took before i started my online marketing business i’m gonna share with you my honest opinion about this one funnel away challenge from what this one farming rate challenge is well in a nutshell this one final away challenge is designed to help you to launch your first or next funnel so if you are looking for a way to grow your business online especially during this crazy pandemic okay i know there are a lot of offline business all went out of business and most i mean they are looking for uh they are looking to tr transform their business from offline to online so if you’re looking for a way to grow your business online then i would say this training is definitely for you and let me quickly show you what you’re gonna get from this training this is a 30-day hands-on training and you’re gonna be uh you’re gonna be taught by three of the top coaches in the industry they are clickfunnels founder russell brunson himself okay he’s gonna teach you all the strategies and also uh basically give you the core fundamentals and strategy behind your customized 30-day plan also you’re going to be working with julie stoian who is going to teach you how to build your funnels and as well as stephen larson who is gonna be uh you’re uh who’s gonna call you daily on live group calls okay and i would say steve uh steve larsen is definitely very hands-on okay and he’s not he’s not gonna go easy on you so by working with him i would say you can expect to achieve some amazing results by constantly taking actions now let me show you what are the courses that you’re gonna go through during this five six weeks period okay so before week one you’re gonna go through the pre-training free training week is all about getting in the right mindset in order to propel your business forward then you’re gonna start the first week training first week training you’re gonna learn the basics of how to sell online including how to get the attention of your customers with a perfect hook okay and the importance of storytelling and also what it takes to build an attractive offer so you’re going to learn all that during first week first week of training and week number two then week number two is all about sales copy okay this is the week i enjoy the most because it is completely relevant to my online business okay before i do online marketing i was selling my supplements on amazon okay so this week number two i can relay a lot especially uh using the techniques i learned from this one founder away challenge i know how to uh tell taylormade i know how to better present my hooks and also my stories and which drove the i mean which drove my supplement sales crazy okay during that period week number three is gonna be the final building training week you’re gonna learn all the nuts and bolts of building your sales funnel and this is the practical advice okay i i would not have been found anywhere else i would not have been able to find anywhere else basically so so valuable week number three issue all the techniques very hands-on so even though you have no experience of building funnel uh in your life before week number three judy is going to work you through step by step and create your your funnel according to your business okay and week number four then uh they are going to focus on traffic and promotion how to drive traffic to your funnels how to drive traffic to your offers because we we all know that no matter how beautiful how beautiful and how amazing your final design is if nobody sees your funnel okay if there is no traffic uh then it’s not gonna work for week number four the training will be focused on how to drive that massive traffic probably to your sales funnel so you can convert those traffic into actual sales for your business then week number five is going to be the pulse training period and it’s going to be your next 90 days plan after you finish your 30 day one funnel away challenge training okay so that’s basically all the uh uh training steps you’re gonna go through during this five six weeks period and let me show you what you’re gonna get after you sign up with this one funnel away training you’re gonna get uh 30 days of video missions for russell brunson you’re also going to get 30 days of coaching from stephen lawson and julie stolian you’re also going to get one funnel away challenge customized kit is the 30-day plan okay you’re also going to get some amazing performances and let me show you because this is an unboxing video so let me just show you what you’re going to get there are two options you can choose digital option which means that you can download all these bonuses as digital files and if you choose that option then all you need to pay is hundred dollars for this one funnel away challenge training and there is option number two which is the physical copy option and i went with physic i went with the option number two to get the physical copy delivered to me and the price for that is hundred dollars plus additional shipping and handling so i believe the price i paid was like 119 about 120. but if you go with that option you’re gonna just be like you’re gonna just be like me receiving this box so what’s in this box is physical copy of the challenge workbook again if you go with the digital option you can download this as the digital file you’re also going to get mp3 player with all the audio files in it so you can listen to all the audio files about this course uh if you are not in front of your computer okay you’re also gonna get 30 days hot hot hour book a cover book okay sorry 30 days hardcover book is this this is the interview they interview all the top click follow super affiliate ask ask then the question what they gonna do if they lose all okay if suddenly they lose their business they lose all their money or their followings what they gonna do within 30 days from day one to day 30 what their strategies are to get back on their feet and to create a profitable online business okay so this book is i find i find it is the very amazing book you should read okay the physical copy of the challenge workbook is this one okay this is the uh your workbook you’re gonna do your homework with during this 30 day challenge also you’re going to get access to unlimited access to the 30 days interview but once you log into your members area you can see all these interview video interviews here and last bonus you’re gonna get is the access to behind the scenes two comma club interviews okay what is two comma club basically two comma club means that um means that any affiliate who is using clickfunnels software to build their funnel and that particular funnel has generated over one million dollars revenue so if you generate one million dollars for one funnel then you are the member of this two comma club so you’re also gonna have access to that to those interviews so you can see that the total value is over three thousand dollars from click funnels alone and if you join today i mean if if you take down the the one away challenge today all you need to pay is just hundred dollars first i put the link in the description down below of my amazing bonuses once you click on that link it’s gonna take you to my bonus page this is my bonus page and uh let me show you what bonuses that you’re gonna get from me if you sign up through my link bonus number one i’m giving you this lead funnels playbook which contains over 100 high converting funnel swipe files from all different business so no matter what business you are in you while you are building your sales funnels you can always model other people’s success from this lead honors playbook because all those funnels included in this lead funnel playbooks has proven to be high converting super successful funnels so instead of shooting in the dark you can model other people’s success while you are building your funnels bonus number two amazon i’m also giving you over 50 000 ebooks which you can give away uh at your sales funnel page to get people update opt-in to sign up to your email list so you can use all my ebooks to build your email list bonus number three i’m also gonna give you my top seven free and fast sources that’s gonna help you to get unlimited traffic to your funnels just like i mentioned before without traffic your funnel is useless basically so you have to know how to drive traffic and this bonus is going to show you how to get those unlimited traffic to your funnels bonus number four i’m also giving you access to this course to teach you how you can bank daily commission between four hundred dollars to over two thousand dollars using this method bonus number five i’m also giving you access to these stamping profits which cover i mean which includes 13 done for you proven money making campaigns that you can copy and use right away bonus number six i’m also giving you access to this course to show you how you can start from zero dollars to over a hundred dollars in just 24 hours bonus number seven and this one is the huge one and also the next one this one i’m giving you access to this course called clickbank super affiliate bootcamp and this course alone the market value is four thousand nine hundred ninety seven dollars or almost five thousand dollars so if you sign up to take out one funnel away challenge through my link on this bonus page you’re going to get this course for free number eight i’m also giving you another course click excuse me clickbank university 2.0 and this one value is 1997 almost 2 000 and if you again you’re going to get this high value course from me that’s free bonus if you take down the one funnel away challenge through my link and bonus number nine i’m also giving you this seo agency turnkey business kit and it’s gonna give you ready made seo agency website seo explainer video email and telemarketing scripts ready made simple seo proposal invoice template business card template letterhead design brochure template seo all the sample contracts as well as premium seo course with master resale rights promise number 10 i’m also giving you this video agency turnkey business kit okay for anybody who like to start their video agency and this bonus is gonna give you editable powerful powerpoint proposal for sure files that you can customize business card letterhead invoice templates email sequence that you can use in your email uh you in your email campaigns telemarketing scripts ready made video agency website and also high paying clients course is going to teach you how to get high paying clients for your video agency service 11 is going to be the one follow away vendor bonuses so it’s going to be all the uh all the uh materials in this box we talked about earlier you’re gonna get all that once you sign up through my link as well for in order to get all these amazing bonuses i mean this will actually save you huge amount of money and give you a lot of value help you a success in your in your online business but in order to get all this all you need to do is just click on this red oranges button on my bonus page before this countdown timer hits zero and then you’re gonna get all these performances delivered to you within 48 hours after you sign up to the challenge also i leave my personal contact information at the bottom of this page but if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to my team or send an email to myself and i will i’ll get back to you as soon as possible and last but not least let me tell you about pros and cons i think about this uh one funnel away challenge of course on top of receiving thousands of dollars of materials that you will not be able to find elsewhere elsewhere okay joining this one funnel away challenge will also open many doors for you because you you’re gonna have access to this private facebook group during your 30-day challenge period and you’re going to work with your coaches here as well as get to know other members just like yourself who are also taking this one funnel away challenge and many of them are just like you and me they are probably a small business owner and looking for ways to bring their business online so there are all different backgrounds that people are coming from different background that you can network with i would say some of them will become your future partner so this one funnel away challenge actually providing actually provide you with this amazing opportunity that you can mingle with other like-minded people which is super valuable now here is the cause of the one funnel away challenge okay one thing i will say is that this course is fast paced and i mean that so you don’t have the option to sit around and to slow things down during the challenge if you just do one day training and sleep for two days then come back two days later hopefully to pick up where you left it’s not gonna work if you take time off you’re gonna fall behind so if you are kind of laid back not willing to give your hundred percent then this one funnel away challenge is not for you but it’s 30 days of hard work worth the potential of creating extremely valuable and high converting sales funnel for your online business well it was an easy decision for me okay and i hope after watching this video you are now be able to make your own decision to decide whether or not you should take on this challenge and if you do don’t forget sign up through my link on my bonus page and you’re gonna get all my amazing bonuses for free so that’s it guys if you have any questions about this one funnel away challenge or if you have any questions about my bonuses or about online marketing please drop your questions in the comment section down below i will reply your messages personally if you do see any value from today’s content please hit that like button or subscribe to my channel i will see you in my next videos take care peace

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