How to start a blog step by step for beginners in 2021

Hey guys ,my name is Vinay Pawar and in this particular lesson we are going to discuss one of the best passive income takes is how to create a blog yes guys i’m going to explain you everything step by step how to set up your first blog whenever you are a beginner including almost all the areas hosting domain installation of the wordpress basic setting of the wordpress addition of the themes publishing of the post almost all the things whatever you initially needed to start your blog so if you are new to this channel and willing to learn such sort of some passive income tips how to make passive income then do subscribe this channel because i’m going to keep updating you by providing more and more article s on this particular topic only so guys without wasting time let’s go to screen and we’ll start from very scratch how you can set up your first blog so here we are on the screen guys and this is my own website if you wanted to learn a blogging and wanted to join a nine-day free training on blogging then do provide your name email right in enroll now start from today you will start getting the emails in your email box which will be having the pdfs of blogging series so guys this is something which i would like to share with you and this is called a blog you can see guys how the blog look like basically there we are publishing the content and all the content are organized in such a way just by publishing this content you can set up the google adsense ad you can promote any affiliate product and in such a way you can start making a passive income so blog is one of the best way and almost every individual these days are uh actually started creating their own blog so why don’t you so that is guys i will explain almost everything what is blog how you can set up a blog so i hope you got an idea basically blog is a sort of a content you are publishing on your website people will visit your blog the traffic will come and you will uh generate more and more sell of the products reviews or the commissions whatever you are getting for promotion of the products that’s what you can make as a passive income with your blog now you as a beginner if willing to start your blog guys then there are two ways through which you can start your blog one is the freeway and another one is a paid way free that is what we call a blogger probably you are aware of and if you don’t know anything about the blog then directly go to the start a blog section there is a detailed guide of more than 15 000 word each and every aspect of blogging is explained there so that you can see guys what is exactly the basic meaning of a blog so the blog actually uh can be of two types one is either you can create in a blogger which is actually a google product there will be no cost just need your gmail id and you can set up your account but this is not for a long run purpose if you wanted to make your blog as a brand or willing to make it as a business in that case guys the next possible option is you have to go with a wordpress so in this lesson i am going to give you complete idea about wordpress now when you will go to wordpress whatsapp wordpress itself is of two part you might have heard or you might have heard is a platform there you don’t have to buy anything simply sign up and start using it but you cannot monetize it your blog right in order to monetize your blog in your way you have to pay them on monthly basis so ignore we will only talk about which is very popular in the market basically it is a suitable software which is also known as content management system so all the content whatever you are writing for your blog will be stored there in the wordpress right they have a certain features or function which you can use to organize your blog right but all over the content whatever you are writing on your blog should be stored somewhere on the internet space right and that storage is known as a hosting so to have your website or to have your blog three things you needed one is a hosting okay basically it is a container which will hold all your files the second one is a domain name domain name is an address you remember like these are all the different different domain name basically these domain names are linked with the hosting so whenever somebody’s searching that domain name that you can see guys if i will go there and search with this particular name okay this is my website name right so anybody is going there and searching for then automatically this will connect to the hosting which i purchased where all these files are saved and it is retrieving all the documents from there and displaying on this internet so first thing you need is a wordpress second one you need is a hosting and third one you need is a domain name so now let’s discuss one by one how to set up all the three when you are totally beginner so let’s first start with the hosting in case of hosting guys my preference is either a2 hosting or a bluehost so you can go to google and google you can type in bluehost and when you will type a bluehost guys it offering a different plans off and hosting but we as a beginner will only use a shared hosting plan so you have to go with the shared hosting plan so bluehost is one of my most recommended hosting in case you have an average budget if you have a little bit higher budget then you can go with any time money back guarantee of a to hosting and you wanted to learn more then there is a detailed review guide i will provide the link in the description so guys there you can see so first we will talk about this bluehost hosting and we are going to set up our blog on bluehost only bluehost has different different plans but as a beginner i recommend it either you go with the basic or can go with a plus plan basic plan there you are only allowed to hold a single website so if your plan is to have only single website then you can purchase this one you can see only one website but if your plan is to have a multiple website and all the website for that if you wanted to spend only one time then go with the plus plan because this will allow you to host multiple sites and it has all the unlimited storage and almost everything so now what we will do is let’s go to select and buy this particular hosting okay i will give you all the steps step by step the best part with bluehost is guys you will get a free domain so as i said what you need wordpress which is totally free second you need is a hosting there you need to invest around 50 to 100 for year not for month and the third one is a domain but if you buy a bluehost you will get a free domain so if you already have in your mind what your domain name should be you can type it there let imaging my domain name for this particular website i’m willing to have like kiriti vias the blog dot com so i can click to next now it will check whether that domain exists or not if it exists you will book this domain for free of cost of an ear okay you don’t have to pay anything but if you have nothing in your mind and or you have something or you already have some domain with you right let’s imagine i have bought this dormant from somewhere else like see this is one of my domain which i bought from somewhere else so if i said like okay i wanted to use this domain which you can change later so you can type it there and automatically you will this site will be linked with this domain this will be your primary domain but if you have nothing in your mind and you wanted to buy a domain later for free of course then you must have to click i will create my domain later so now what happen is in your account around 11 or 12 a dollar will be credited in your bluehost account which you can redeem in future whenever you wanted to buy that free domain then you will be on this screen guys and then you have to provide all the basic details there the mandatory thing is this email address because this is going to your login detail okay and this is very important guys there you can see the longer the duration you will take the lesser will be prices if you will buy this hosting for only 12 months the costing will be around six pound if you buy this for 24 month at a time the costing will be 5.6 but if you buy for three years long duration then the average costing per month will be 4.40 pound per month so this is something the longer you will take the cheaper will be the price and do remember guys all these offers are only for the primary or first time login or first time subscription only if you have taken this for 12 month after 12 month when you will go for a renew then the prices will be double than what you are getting right now that’s why i have purchased initially bluehost for around two years and i have purchased a2 hosting for around three years i will show you everything okay so do remember the longer duration you have to choose so ideally i recommend go with 24 month okay so this is the total amount you have to pay then there will be a couple of checks which you have to uncheck you don’t have to use any other services and in that way guys the total you have to pay is 134.67 but whenever you will provide your country name and postal code certain taxes will be added and then this will be in total of around 150 pound then you have to provide your car detail and simply accept the terms and condition click to submit as you will click to submit guys you will get an email like this there you can see guys congratulations you are now welcome to bluehost and now you have been subscribed in this way guys you have to buy a hosting so once you have your hosting then what you have to do is you have to go to that home account there you can see guys if you go back to that home page and there will be an option of login okay so what you have to do is just go there click to login provide your email id okay and on that email id guys you have to provide the password and email id whatever you received on your email address okay once you will provide the credentials then you will be on the screen and how it look like okay so once you will provide that credentials then after it will be landed onto the home page of the hosting which you purchased just now so right now i’m going to log in my own account there which is i have already purchased and there you can see how it look like so guys there you can see this is my already hosting account with bluehost which i purchased for two years of duration i already have one with a2 hosting which i purchased for three years and all the websites whatever you are creating under this account as i purchase the plus plan so i am allowed to create multiple sites so if i will go to my site section under this you can see all the sites whatever i am hosting on this particular hosting few couple of demo sites couple of test sites which i’m creating for making the article s and everything so you can see in this way you can see all the different different site now you have purchased your hosting the next part is guys to purchase a domain if you have bought bluehost then obviously you have already received the domain so where you can see if you will go to this domain section under this domain there is a section with the name of a register so if you haven’t purchased earlier any domain then you can go to register there you have to search your domain name whatever you wanted to buy okay and simply click to check now it will check whether this domain is available to buy or not if this is available to buy guys then automatically it will show you the prices so that you can see this particular domain is available or not if these are the domains which are available in the market if you wanted to buy this domain you can simply click to buy but if you haven’t bought it earlier then obviously the price will be zero because you already have that 12 in your account right so you can redeem it from there and you can buy your domain right but imagine guys if you bought your domain from somewhere else let’s say you haven’t purchased a bluehost but you purchase a2 hosting which will not give you any domain so in that case guys you can take uh the company’s name such as name chip namecheap is one of the most popular platform on the name chip you can go and search your domain name and from there you can buy your dominant let imagine you are going to buy a domain name of okay so you just have to search it there okay and once you will search it there it will check whether this domain is exist or not okay so you can see guys this domain is axis and the current price is around seven pound which is close to 10 or 11 right so in this way you have to click it and simply you gotta buy it now guys there is couple of thing you have to understand if you bought your hosting and domain from same account you don’t need any linking because both are on the same server but if you’re bought hosting from bluehost and domain from name chip or imagine if you’re about hosting is an a2 hosting but the domain is a different a different company then you need a linking and that is what we call the change of the name server so basically you have to give a control of your domain name to the hosting provider so let image and i will give you that example as well then after we will install wordpress and we’ll discuss all other part okay so what i will do is let me go and login to this particular section and there you can see there is a section with the name of a sign so what is assign assign is a place basically if you have bought your domain from somewhere else now you wanted to link with this so if you will go to under my domain section under my domain section you can see all the domains which are linked with the bluehost basically not compulsory i bought all the domain from bluehost there might be cases like i have bought dorman from somewhere else which are providing me for cheaper prices but later on i’ll link them with a bluehost so that in future i can use this to connect with my website okay so you can see guys these are the different different domains already available now what happen is let imagine you have bought your domain from let’s say the company host papa which is currently uh there is a spare domain with me so i will take an example of this so what you have to do is you have to copy that domain name just go back to bluehost there is an option user domain that is not already associated with your account right because this is a new domain not on the bluehost you have to provide this domain name okay then simply search it now it will check whether this domain is actually bought by someone or not it is checking whether this domain really exists or not if this is found yes it exists then after it will ask you to verify your ownership that means you are the owner of the storming so basically what it is telling is just transfer the control of the storm and to bluehost in all the cases they will give you this kind of name server detail in the case of a bluehost you will be having two details but if this is the case of a a2 hosting you will be having four detail and the same thing you will receive in the email which you bought from bluehost so you can see if you wanted to host anything on bluehost then use this name server detail so now what we wanted is we wanted to shift that domain to bluehost so i will copy this now i will go back to that and there you can see guys this is the domain name i will click to detail section under a detailed section you will be having an option of name server and this is the common step you have to follow no matter you bought the hosting from godaddy or from namecheap so there is an option called name server currently this domain could be linked with any different hosting account so let’s see you can see guys currently it is linked with a2 hosting so now what i will do is i will transfer this to bluehost the first one is and the second one is you can see so i will come there paste it there and remove this one by default this will be with this now we will choose the use custom name server provide this to detail delete all other things and simply click update dns server now what happens basically you are telling here basically you are transferring your control to bluehost so if you have done this particular part guys then you can come down and you can set it as an unassigned domain or you can set it as an add-on domain but if you will set this as an add-on domain and if anyone will inquire your domain somewhere in browser then automatically it will go to the primary domain of your hosting which is whatever the primary domain of that so simply you have to click to add on domain which we can later use with our new website but right now what we are doing is we just linking that domain with this hosting if you provided this guys simply click to assign this domain okay and when you will assign it will ask you to provide your epp code which is a verification code so either provide this detail or provide this detail but you remember guys we just now updated this detail into this this will take hardly five to ten minute of time to pass through this detail to the server once it will hit the server and you will come back to your hosting account it will not ask you this code because there are different way to verification either you can provide this or you can go with this or you can go with this or you can go with this but we have chosen this particular method that means now we are sure like this domain should be linked with this one so in that case what we can do is if we can choose this particular section as well in all the cases it will ask you to provide this code unless that particular data will get traveled so you got an idea you simply have to choose this particular thing after providing that detail then you have to come back this under my domain section if that detail after 5 or 10 minutes will be processed then automatically that detail or that particular domain will be here in this my domain list of your bluehost account so this is the simple step you have to do in case you have bought your domain from somewhere else and you also got an idea how to buy hosting how to buy domain and how to link them together right now let’s step one step forward and now this time we will discuss about how to install a wordpress because wordpress needs to be installed in our hosting account right wordpress is a content management tool but all the data files database images everything will be hosted on your hosting so there you can see guys all the different different domains names are there after five or ten minutes might be we will check it again and we’ll come back and add that domain again so till the time it will get pass through so now we will move further and this time we will install or create a wordpress site on your hosting account are you excited this is the simple thing you have to do now go to the my section my site section there are different different sites available if you bought your only single site hosting then there will be no option of create a site but you bought this first time then obviously you are allowed to create a single site this time i have a plus plan so create a site then click to use wordpress so using a wordpress you are setting up a website let’s give a name to our website what will be the name let’s say name will be kirtish test blog account let’s imagine this is my website name and what should be the tagline this is this is the common thing which you can change later this is just the name of a site right so uh let me guide you on blogging this is the kind of a technique simply click to next and thereafter this is an optional what happen is everything will be stored in a database so there is a primary database which is with the name of this particular one so if you wanted to create a sub directory under that where all your files should be stored you can provide this detail so that image in our case what we can use is give this test block okay kind of that simply come here click to next now guys your wordpress is getting installing installing so it will take hardly one or two minutes of time to install a wordpress on your hosting account so now your site is been added with a bluehost and then after we will go to the wordpress dashboard from there i will give you couple of basic settings and will publish a post so that you will get an idea how to use a wordpress how to set up a blog with a wordpress right so simple thing if i will summarize this buy a hosting either you will get domain free or you buy a domain from somewhere and link with the hosting then after come to the blue uh hosting account and there you have to install a wordpress and there you can see guys congratulations this will be our username and this is going to be the password so what happen is this is the website url okay so this is the url of your website and this is the url of your wordpress backend so if you are going at the back end of your wordpress then you are doing all the setup then you have to use this url basically this is your domain name right if in future you will use a domain name then this particular section will be and this particular section will be forward slash wp admin but right now we haven’t added any domain that’s why it is taking a default entry this is a default entry now what we will do is either we can go to go to my site section it will go to your bluehost and that all the sites all the sites which you have created will be listed there but this time we will go to wordpress so now what is happening is now we are logging into wordpress now there are two ways to log in your wordpress let imaging this is one of my blog how can i go to the back end of this because this is in the wordpress so one ways i will provide this wp admin okay simply hit it then it will ask me to enter the username and password and where is the username and password you remember just now we received a username and password or the another way if i will hit this particular one it is asking me to provide the username and password right or the another way is go to your hosting account right and under that hosting account you have this many ways right so all the sites which are hosted on that simply you have to click to this particular one and this will automatically route you to that particular block so that you can see guys get this test which we created right now you can see here if i wanted to log in the wordpress from here even i can click to login okay then it will automatically go to that site but what we have done is we just simply click there and there you can see guys congratulations our blog kiriti’s test blog account has been created this is the back end of the wordpress congratulations you have installed the wordpress right now whatever is guys this is a bluehost account if you wanted to check what are the basic settings of your wordpress website whether it is live or not you can see it is actually having a coming soon page okay because yet this is not live in case you wanted to live your website after doing all the setup simply click to launch your website now if someone or somebody will try to open your website in a new window like this they should be able to do it right and let’s see how our website look like so you can see guys this is the default configuration of your website which you can later customize in this way the way you can see okay so this is a default theme installed with wordpress default blog post published with your website and this is how the wordpress initially will look like now i will give you a couple of ideas simply guys you can come to this particular section which is a post in case you wanted to create a post you can go to all posts section under all post you can see guys there is already a single post is published earlier which is a hello post you can see this is the hello post which is already published let’s say we will publish another post so the basic way to set up another post is go to add new under add new section guys you have to give your title name and complete content of your blog post okay so what i will do is let’s create a post in a single minute so at least you will get an idea how it will look like when you will publish a post similarly so there is what i can type here is uh my first blog post let’s say this is your title and the content would be that image and i will copy paste this particular content with that particular thing so at least we will have something and you have to come back and this is the area where you have to paste your content similarly now you are done with this if you wanted to see how the blog will look like you can click to preview it will show you when your blog will live how it will look like okay but right now what we are doing is we are just publishing this content as you will click to publish this content this content will be published on your website whatever the content you have written whatever the title whatever the settings you have done almost everything and do remember guys after watching this article  go to this start a blog section there is almost everything whatever setup whatever plugin whatever the setting what is wordpress almost everything is explained into this particular guide so make sure you read that in case you really wanted to learn complete blogging otherwise you can enroll for nine day free training that even you will be trained in the same way so now you can see guys these are the my site section if i will go back there okay and now i will refresh our website and let’s see whether that post is published or not you can see guys this post which will right now publish there you can see this is the post and this was the second post which was published earlier so in that way guys you have to publish your post and once you’re done with publishing this post you can go back to the wordpress backend and this time if we can see earlier there was only single post all post but that you can see now we have a second post which was just now published before 56 seconds so this is the area from there you can set up a post this is the area from where you can set up the pages and this is the area from where you can install all the plugins what is plugin you have covered that plugin basically help you to automate the process right so if you wanted to customize something if you wanted to add some social media shares like kind of that these are a part of all coming from the plugins so everything is explained in that blog post so you can see here and if you wanted to customize your theme this is the area from there you can customize your theme so what we will do is let’s install a theme in our wordpress so let’s go to theme section and this is the area you can see by default wordpress is installer theme 2020 okay and that’s why our blog look like this ugly now what i will give you is go with the generate press one of the most popular theme which you have to buy one time and you can install or can use this particular theme on multiple website and for the same guys i recently published a post generate price theme i will provide the link in the description complete review of generate prices there okay so now what i will do is let’s come back to this particular scheme and on this screen you have multiple options whatever theme you wanted to install you can install it these are the free of cost so what we will do is let’s install a generate press which is the having in the free as well as pro version so we will install this particular theme you have to search it there you have to install theme first and once you will install you can see still there is nothing been changed to our website so what you have to do is once the theme installation completed you have to click to activate as you will click to activate automatically this particular blog look will get changed because now the theme has been changed you can see earlier the loop was totally different and then see guys this is your title name this is your first post this is your second post these are the sidebar and later on you can customize your blog like this the way i have done this is again in the generate press premium version okay which will not cost you around more than 40 uh fifty dollars only okay so fifty dollar one time investment lifetime use for up to one year you can use on any site and you will start getting updates as well but if you want that premium version so what you have to do is guys basically you have to come here there is a plugin section click to add a new plugin okay after you clicking to add a new plugin there will be an option to install the premium version so once you will buy a generate press there will be a plugin given to you complete come here and just update it i’m not going to detail in that particular part because if you need a detail that is obviously this particular post will help you on that part so now you got an idea how to install a theme and what is the theme look like when you will be having a default configuration now what we will do is guys once you have done with the setup of a basic theme you have to do one small change under a setting there is a permalink what is permalink so you can see guys this is a link right if someone go to this particular link then only this particular content will open and in the industry of blogging or wordpress this is particular link is known as a permalink okay permanent link attached with your blog so this is your domain name okay and this is the slug which you are creating while dropping a blog post so if i will go to this blog post okay there will be a section like i think i have bike tip so there are couple of structure which you can use so this is your domain name so you have to come here simply use this particular format post name dot html now what happen is now this is not including date time year month and do remember once you have done this changes automatically this will apply all the older link now will no more link with your website so initially when you will install a wordpress just do this at least basic setting do this at least set up post name dot html then only you will get this type of format otherwise what happens you will get the time here everything in the url which you cannot remove later as well because that will create a little bit issue with the search engine optimization so make sure that setting you have done once after done doing that click to save changes so this is the basic thing guys how you can set up your blog how you can publish a blog how you can install a wordpress buying or hosting buying of domain and the last thing guys if you wanted to change the password or everything there is a section with the name of your profile under your profile you will be having option with the name of a generate password so if you go to this and go to your profile under your profile you will be having an option of generate password simply click this provide your new password okay and that password will be auto applicable on your blog which you can later access just by providing wp admin okay so what is my username my username will be this and my password will be this this two thing i have to enter in order to go to back and so if i will go to this particular section so whatever the username and password it is asking is coming from there so in future you want to change you can change it so i hope guys you got an idea almost all in every aspect now i will go back and there we can check whether our domain is verified with that particular one or not so i will come back to this domain section under domain section will come back again to assign now under this section let’s try to verify this particular one and let’s see whether this domain is ready to link with the bluehost or not so i will come back there and this time it will check not only ownership it will also check the ownership if this has been passed through then automatically it will say okay the ownership is now with that i can see ownership verified that means that detail has been added and now this particular domain is linked with the bluehost if you will scroll down either you can check it as an add-on if add-on simply come here assign this domain and there you can see guys after assign this domain this time it is not asking me to provide that ebp code so it will take max 15 15 to 13 seconds or 30 seconds something in order to assign this domain in your domain list and after assigning you can go to your domain list okay and then after what happens guys you have to link that domain with your website right so how you can do that is go to this bluehost home section once you will be on this home section there will be an option to call a managed site okay so if you will come down there there will be an option to call manage my site if you will click to manage my site you will be automatically landed on this my site section okay so let’s see and let it takes a little bit time and we’ll also see how much time it will take in order to link with this one so once uh this particular this sub domain is required so basically you can see guys this is actually verifying the ownership almost all the areas okay we will use this create a new directory and simply click to assign this domain just provided our aim or our goal is to link this this is already linked that means this one is already added as an add-on if i will go to my domain section i am expecting this domain should be there in the list because this is now been added obviously there was no message displayed so i will come to this particular section guys which was coming from the management of site click to settings section under a static section if your site is yet not live this page will be coming soon but we launched already website that way it is asking us to off but now what we will do is this is the domain of our website right and now we are changing our domain to new one which we recently linked and what is the nominee is this particular one right so you have to click and simply click to save update as you provide this one now our website will be linked with this domain but make sure your that domain whichever you are linking there should be here let me say guys it is now been added in a my domain list and then only i have to link with this one otherwise this will not work so let’s see it will take a little bit time you can see this was your earlier url now the url has been changed if i will come back to this particular thing it is asking me to provide the credentials now what i can do is log into wordpress if i will click to login to wordpress if that domain is properly linked then automatically it will come to that screen if that is yet not linked then it will take a little bit time so simply this step you have to follow once you have followed this particular step okay then your domain will be linked and will be live so now going forward if anywhere anyone will search this domain then your site will be live so i hope that is almost all the areas i have covered whenever you wanted to start a blogging if you want to buy a hosting theme almost all the links i have provided in the description and stay tuned with the channel if you’re new to this do subscribe because i’m going to give you more and more passive income ideas the next lesson will be more about click funnels or sorry clickbank and not many email marketings as well

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