Hey guys welcome, my name is Vinay Pawar  from Getaffiliatefunnels.com  most of you guys have asked me about to create an article  on spam score what is spam score how to reduce a spam score is going to impact your website and if you have such kind of spam score how to check it from which website and
what are the ways through which you can reduce your score that’s what all I’m going to discuss here guys and if you have created any backlink from any adult website or somewhere then

how to remove those backlinks from your website in order to reduce the spam score that’s what i’m going to explain here in this article  so guys if you’re new to this channel looking for certain smart tips on blogging search engine optimization passive incomes and lot many other ways to make sure you subscribe this channel like and provide your valuable comment because based on your comment i am preparing the article  without wasting time let’s go to the screen and that first we will discuss about how what is spam score and then we’ll discuss all other topics so guys here we are on the screen and the most important guys if you’re new to the blogging and willing to learn a blogging in just nine days make sure you come to bloggingworks.com provide your name and email library i will send you nine day free pdf so that you can learn blogging now let’s go to the website guys mrvsida.com let’s first understand about what is spam score so for that guys i will use a paid spam score is something like this is your website and whenever if you are creating a backlink for your website let’s say you have created backing for this website that website that website so all the sites are referring to your website now all this website has its own authority if you have taken a backlink from a legit website that means it will pass a positive juice to your website but if you have taken a backlink from adult website gambling website or the kind of spammy website in that case guys that will pass a negative signal to your website and this kind of backlink not you are creating but any other person might have created just by putting your link onto that website if you noted that kind of thing guys that means this spam score that means the negative impact of your website will keep increasing so guys whether this particular part is that much important i should say like guys now the google is very much smart they know what exactly and from which backlink they need to consider in order to rank your website so now guys at this point of time this is not much of a concern but many of you are asking me right now how to reduce a spam score so guys now you got an idea what is a spam score whenever you are getting a backlink from a very adult website or low authority website spammy website in that case guys your website spam score will keep increasing now how to check the spam score and that is guys the only tool which can give you that score is guys the most inside the mods you must have to go to the free seo tool then after you will be having this screen and then you have to provide your name and simply analyze your domain as you click to analyze your domain guys this is the percentage of score which actually most is suggesting so for my website mrvsid.com earlier the spam score was more than 12 percent but then after i have removed most of the links and that’s why it is counting now as and once person so guys how exactly it is considering it is considered him based on the backlink i have received from various torments if the domains from which i am getting backings are legit genuine not an adult or not any spammy sites in that case guys i am getting the score low as possible so your target is to have the score low as possible and if it is high guys now the point is how to remove those backlinks so that’s the first important thing is you have to identify how many backlinks are exist on your website so what you can do is either you can use a semrush for which you will get a seven day free trial the link will be in the description or if you have a hrep then go to the href or semrush go to this and particular and provide your domain name simply hit search guys you will be on the screen there you can see here guys there is a list of backlinks on my website which is close to 5000 so i will click to this particular backlink and now what happens guys it will list me all the list of backlinks so there you can see guys these are the backlinks right now the spam score is very low that means all the websites which are linked with my website are genuine website but let imaging if you have some spammy website which is linked with your website so what we can do is let’s go to somewhere and different pages and let’s find out one of the website which actually linked with my website but i don’t want it to have linked with that so in that case guys you have to dis wow that link now how to dissolve that link guys in that case guys what you have to do is go to google and type this swap as you type this for guys so the first uh search result is from the google search console so guys wherever your website is linked with like this is an mrvsid.com which is actually linked with this particular account so you have to log in with your google search console account where exactly your domain is linked with so you will be having this domain inside of that search console simply click to this wow links and then after there is a dis link option so if you will click to this one guys this is asking you to create a dot txt file so now what you have to do is select imaging you want it to get read off from this particular backlink or from this one or from this one or from this one anywhere so there you can see guys this is the link which i received from any random website if you will open this i don’t like this website what is this and how this is going to impact my website so what i can do is guys i will take a link of this particular site exactly where my site is linked with you can see here like this and then i will go to dot txt will pick copy paste all the website link over there which from which i wanted to read off so that you can see guys in this way i have added this i have added this you have to go through all the backlinks provide and create a simple list where the one row should be a part of a one domain or the backlink now after that guys you have to save this one let’s say save it as a dis wow mrvs and then after you can save it to the desktop and simply save it once you have done the saving with that guys you have to go back to the search console choose a file from your desktop which you just now created this one is that simply open it now that’s been uploaded if you will hit submit guys you are done that means i’m not going to submit this one because this is not going to impact my website so anyways guys simply i will submit it then simply click to done now what happens guys now again whenever you will do this kind of job guys and you will come back here inside the moz again you will be able to see the same sort of score but now the google has removed from its back uh back end uh the linking of your website with that particular backlink so if you feel like after doing uh submitting that many links from the google search console this whole process and if you feel like this score is not kept decreasing not to worry about because the google actually has removed this from its database but it that backlink will still exist with your website and these two are keep checking the same thing again and again so guys this is the thing you have to remember which most of the people are asking me like i have removed most of the backlinks but still my spam score is high still i’m getting that same backing from that particular website at semrush is showing the same sort of link so emma is in a trouble no you are not in the trouble because this tool will still detect because that battling is not technically removed until you will ask that user to remove from your in his website or you change your url so guys not to worry about if you’ve done that process that means your website is now getting read off from that particular backlink now the important part is guys you don’t have to remove this manually that is what suggested because right now the google has become very smart and they know which battling is legit which battling is not and they are only considering those backlinks which are really passing a link juice if they are you are getting a backlink from another shady website and that is like guys google is not considering this is what most of the expert says i would like to share it with you so never ever mess by submitting some backlink because there might be possibility like the battling which you feel like is some negative impact giving to your website might be giving us some positive impact so if you will remove that particular one you might lose ranking or there might be chances like you will keep increasing ranking so never ever mess with this but this article  is all about to explain you what is spam score how this should be checked from and where exactly you can remove the backlinks i hope guys this article  been helpful for you if you really like the content 

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