How To Create Sales Funnels With LearnDash & CartFlows in 2021

in this article I’m gonna show you the best settings to get learn – working perfectly with cart flows let me show you what we’re going to create in this article it’s a free course of funnel so the first step of the funnel will be this page right here where you are offering a free course and when someone enters their name and email they’re automatically going to be enrolled in a free course this is a great way to get someone to take that first step with you now once they fill this out they’re going to be taken to this page right here which is going to immediately give them an offer for an additional paid course and this will be a sixty dollar course and they can go here and pay for that course here’s the checkout form for that and when they’re done with this they’re gonna be taken to this Thank You page now the only reason we don’t see any information here on the thank you page is because we actually have to go through an order which we are going to also do inside of this article okay I’m gonna make a few assumptions that number one you’ve already installed and activated learned – and added your learn – license code we’re going to need that license code in there next that you’ve installed and activated Cart flows the free version or the pro version we’re only going to go over the free version features in this article now right off the bat there are some very important WooCommerce settings as it relates to when someone’s account is created so we’re gonna go to WooCommerce and then we’re gonna go to settings and then we want to click right here where it says accounts and privacy and this is where those settings are I want you to match the same settings that you see has set right here so for a guest checkout we want to make sure both options are unchecked and then under account creation we want to make sure that allow customers to create an account during checkout is checked and then the next one we can leave unchecked but then the next to need to be checked what this is going to enable to have happen is when someone enrolls in the course or purchases a course an account will automatically be created for them on your online course website and they’re going to be emailed a email that will have their auto-generated password so what’s gonna happen with these settings this way as soon as someone makes a purchase they’re automatically now logged in to your website so they can instantly access the content inside of the courses they’re gonna be instantly unlocked if you do not have it set this way it gets very confusing and for example if the guest checkout box is enabled then an account is never even created for someone so these are the optimal settings to make sure that when someone makes a purchase that an account is going to be created and they’re gonna be emailed the password and we’re gonna go over all of that in this article and I’m gonna show you going through the entire funnel and what emails your buyer will receive now next I want you to go to learn – LMS scroll down to where it says add-ons there’s one add-on that you’re going to need and that is learn – for WooCommerce it’s right here so you’re gonna want to click on install now and activate if you do not have your license code entered in to learn – you’re not going to see these options here and you will not be able to access this add-on now the next thing you’re gonna want to do is click on courses and create a new course I’ve already created two courses right here but to create a new course all you have to do is click on add new then you’re gonna want to give your course a title and save your course now I’ve already created two courses right here now what you have your courses created go to products and click on add new product so what you’ll need to do is create a WooCommerce product for each one of your courses that you want to sell it’s very easy to do all you have to do is give your product a name and I name it the same name as my course and then scroll all the way down to the product data we want to leave it where it’s a simple product right here you want to enter a price and then here’s where the linking or the connection happens between this product and your course right here where it says related courses so when you click into this box it’s going to show you a list of the courses you’ve created and what you’ll want to do is select the course that you want someone to be enrolled into when they purchase this product next to simplify these options and it’s optional you can click this check box here that says virtual all that does is hide some of these options so then what you want to do is publish this product now I’ve already gone ahead and created a product for each one of my two courses that I’ve created now I’ve created a free product right here and I’ve created a paid product and I’m going to be using these in the sales funnel that I’ve created to create a free product I’ll just go into this one to show you you see the name of the product and when I scroll down you see I’ve checked where it’s as a virtual and I’ve selected the product and for the price I’ve entered in zero now it’s very important in this drop-down here where it says simple product when you click on that there’s also this option here that says course we do not want to choose that we want to leave it on simple product just like you see right there so what this means is if someone purchases this product which happens to be free they’re going to be enrolled into this course this is how a product is linked to a course next we want to go into cart flows and create a sales funnel so I’ll click on cart flows right here and I’ve already created my sales funnel but I want to show you how to do this from scratch so let’s click on add new and this is where we get the option to choose a template so I’m gonna choose this template right here that says email marketing course now this is one of our pro templates and you can see we’ve been releasing a lot of templates lately for course creators we also have this free template right here which is an option for you but I want to choose this one right here so I’ll click on import now that what this is gonna do is download import and set everything else up for us all we need to do is make the connection to the products that we just created so the next thing you’re gonna want to do here is to give this flow a title now I’ve named this free course funnel and I’m going to go ahead and click on update so now what we need to do is connect on this first step we need to connect it to the WooCommerce product and we also need to do it for this step right here this is where we’re going to give it away for free a course for free and this is where we’re going to be selling a course so I’m going to click on edit right here and then when I scroll down right here is giving me the option to select the free product so I’m gonna click right here in the name of that free product was getting started with email marketing as soon as I’ve entered in a minimal of three letters it’s going to show me a list of products that I’ve created and so I’m going to click right here to select it next I want to show you where you can change the text that is on the button so if we look right here it says send me free copy now you probably don’t want to put that there so let’s click back to the step I’m going to click on design and I’m gonna scroll down a little bit and then here is the submit button text so you might want to change this to say something such as enroll me now okay I’ve changed it to enroll me now and when I scroll up there’s one more thing I want you to notice and that is the name of the step this is important when we’re linking this funnel to the learned – course so you’re gonna want to make sure you’ve entered a title in here that you’re gonna be able to see from a list and make the right connection okay I’m gonna go ahead and click on update and now that’s updated so next I want to click back to edit flow and we have to kind of do the same thing here for the next step in the funnel and that was this page right here where we’re going to offer to sell them a course for $60 so I’m gonna go back I’m going to click on edit and I’m going to scroll down and I’m going to click on the select product and this product is named email marketing full access there it is I’ll select that course and now that connection is made if you have access to cart Flo’s pro you can dynamically add discounts coupons right here add order bumps and you can customize the checkout fields as well so now that I’ve linked it up with the product I’ll scroll up I’ll click on update and just like a moment ago you might want to customize the title of this step and then I’m going to click to back to edit flow and we have it all set up now so next we need to make the connection to the course and learn – and this funnel right here and the way we do that is quite easy I’m going to click right here it says learn – and go to courses and this is where I’m going to see the list of my courses so let’s go ahead and click on the first course I’m going to click right here and this is where you start building out the content of your course and what we want to do though is go right here it says settings we want to click into settings and then we want to scroll down a bit now we need to have a good understanding the various access modes for learn – so by default it’s set to open but when you’re connecting this in with cart flows you want to choose closed and then you want to scroll all the way down and there is a setting right here that says learn – course settings select cart flows template for this course this is where you’re going to link this course to your cart Flo’s sells a funnel and you can see the title names of these steps so this was the step right here to access the free course so we want to choose that now what this is going to do is something very special it’s kind of the magic behind cart flows so let me disable this setting so that you can see the normal behavior without configuring it this way so I’m gonna scroll up and instead of closed I’m going to choose open and then I’m gonna click on update and let me show you the experience your buyer will have Here I am on the front page of that website and I’m looking at a grid of courses and so when I click on this course right here they get taken to the normal page that is created by learn – and obviously I haven’t built it out I haven’t put my price in and all of that but normally they just see the title and they see a list of lessons and you might want to keep that information private and it just looks like a normal basic page this is what normally happens with learn – but what we’re gonna do is make it so instead of showing that we’re going to take them right to that offer page where we’re offering to give them this course for free the beautifully designed cart flows page and that’s what we’re doing with that setting so now I’m back to the course a setting page I’m gonna put this two closed and I’m gonna scroll down and I’m gonna say instead of showing the learn – page I want to show this page right here which is the free course offer page and I’m going to click on update now I recommend that you do this for all of your courses so if you’re building out a unique flow for each course I recommend you go into each course and make that setting so that when someone is going to view your course page from the grid they’re going to instead see a beautifully custom-designed page that you’ve made inside of cart flows so now let me go back and show you experience your buyer will have now we’re back to the course grid I’m going to click right here and instead of taking me to the learn – generated course page instead I get taken here which is the page that I selected to be taken – instead this is such a good feature for so many reasons it’s a much better way to sell your course and to convey the value of your course and also to keep parts of your course private – only enrolled students such as your course syllabus so now let’s go ahead and test this flow that I’ve just set up now it’s very important when you’re testing with cart flows to make sure you’re in an incognito window or a different web browser on your computer because you don’t want to be logged in as the admin when you’re testing it because you’re not going to see this you’re gonna see what the admin gets to see but what we’re doing is we’re testing what someone that just came to your website is going to see also if you’re going to test making purchases it’s better to use your payment gateways test API so I have enabled stripe and I’m going to use stripes test API you do not want to test your funnels with coupons a hundred percent off coupon you want to test it just what exactly a buyer would experience on your site but you want to use the test API credentials that your payment gateway gives you all right let’s go ahead test this out so I’ll go ahead and fill out and name an email address I’ve entered in a name and email address Jack Bauer I think that was the name of the main character on the TV show 24 I’ll click on send I’ll click on the order right here it just takes a moment now what’s happening is an account was just created and they were just enrolled in the course so let me show you the emails that were triggered by this process so here I am in the email capture tool that I’m using to be able to show you this so the very first email that went out was this right here so we have a total of four emails that were triggered so far this was sent to the customer and it’s letting them know that the account was created here’s a notification that goes to you about a new order having been placed and then here is the receipt to the buyer so first let’s take a look at the first email that they receive okay I just clicked on it and you can see right here it’s saying welcome it’s pulling the name cart flows from the title you have linked to your site and right here is an auto-generated password so it’s letting them know that they can click right here login and this is their password now what happens is now they’re actually already automatically logged in which allows them to have instant access to the course content okay but this is their password so this is how the account gets created and they get their password next is this email goes to you to let you know that someone just signed up and then right here we have the receipt that goes out to your new student so now let’s go and place an order for the next step in our funnel here’s the offer I’ll scroll all the way down to where the checkout form is and as you can see it pre fills out the name from the prior step and the email address from the prior step and all the buyer has to do at this point is enter in their credit card so like I said I’m in stripes test mode so I’m going to take this info and put it in okay that infos in I’m going to click on get the premium version right here and the actual order is going to be placed and receipts are emailed out I’m taken to the Thank You page that shows me the orders received how much I paid and all of that now you have some options here when we get to this thank-you page you can bypass it altogether and if you want you can take them straight into the course I’m going to show you how to do that here in just a moment but what I prefer to do is edit this design put in a article saying thank you and tell them what their next steps are or you can have a big button in here that will take them to the members dashboard it’s entirely up to you so here I am back at the home page I’m going to click on dashboard and you can see here is the user account I’m automatically logged in and when I scroll down here are the two courses that I have access to now you optionally could have instead of sending them to the Thank You page you could have sent them right here to the user dashboard it’s completely up to you but I want to show you how to do that I’m gonna go up to the URL and I’m gonna copy it into my clipboard before I do that I just want to show you the additional emails that were generated so right here is the notification to you of the sale right here and then here is the receipt that goes out to the buyer okay so now what we want to do is we want to go back into our flow that we had created and it was right here our free course funnel and then right here for the thank-you page step I’m gonna get go here and click on edit and then let’s go ahead and scroll down then click on settings and then right here we have this option that says redirect after purchase I’m going to click on enable and then right here I’m going to paste in that URL to the sport so what this setting is going to do is completely bypass this Thank You page step instead of showing them this Thank You page step it’s going to redirect them directly to this URL right here so this is where you can optionally send them straight to the dashboard instead of that Thank You page now if this flow was just selling one particular course instead of the link to the dashboard you can have them be sent directly to that courses page and then they can begin taking the course but like I said I like to have a thank-you page and then I like to on the thank you page have a button to take them to the dashboard it’s entirely up to you the flexibility is here for you to do what you want to do so we’ve covered a lot in this article we’ve created learn – courses we’ve created WooCommerce products that we linked to those courses we set up WooCommerce properly to work with learn – for the account creation then we created our flow and we linked our flow to the product and then we linked the learn – courses to the flow so someone would see the flow instead of the course index page I know there’s a few moving parts it’s actually really simple once you just spend more time doing it and I can guarantee it’s definitely 100% worth the effort to create a better buying experience and also be able to sell more courses by making more offers alright that’s all that I have for you in this article 

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