How To Create A Free Website For Your Business

welcome all, right well in this article I’m going to show you how to create a free website through Google through Google my business which is a new web street a new web builder through Google and it’s all free and I’m gonna walk you through all that I’m gonna give a little bit of time here for anyone to join if we’re going live and that we’re just gonna go ahead and get started everything’s looking good alright so let’s talk a little bit about this web builder to make sure it’s right for you and yes it is free it’s totally free it’s not a free trial or anything like that it has a free domain name Google gives you a free domain name they give you a free hosting and then the Builder is free as well and this page here that we’re looking at this is the home page that it says build a free website for your business in minutes and website and Google I think pretty much just realized that there’s a lot of small businesses out there and they can’t all spend the big bucks especially when they’re getting started for websites so Google came out with this and so here’s some free here’s some you need to know information it is a one-page website you’re not gonna this is not your forever website this is more of a website to get started now I also want to say before you jump off this articleit is for people who already have websites it can be complimentary and it could be complimentary for your search engine optimization it will help out your SEO because as I’m going to show you you can actually add a link add a link to your website this free website to your actual website and if you’ve watched any of my previous videos if you’ve know a little bit about search engine optimization you know how important those links are so it’s for people who are just starting out and need a new Aneta website and it is for people who are looking to get an extra link and help out their search engine optimization so this website it is it is has a few customization options but it it’s not something you’re going to be able to do customizing on it’s very limited and it’s very limited because it’s made for beginners it’s made so that’s not it’s easy to do like google says right here you can do it in minutes and you’ll see will create a website in less than 15 minutes and it’s something that anybody around the world can do and now I believe about 20 over 20 million of these websites have been created it’s just exploding and Google actually invested a ton of money into it and I think it’s really funny that if you look at this if you look at this landing page for the web site that’s actually the old theme there’s a brand new theme that came out a few months ago for because for an updated look because Google is putting a lot of money into it they see it as a great great resource and a great asset for new small businesses so let’s go ahead and get started well I first will say before we jump into it you have to before you have access to this website and the ability to create this website you have to create or claim your Google my business listing and if you don’t know what that is you can go to to this website that I’m on now which is slash business and if you’re totally if Google my business is a foreign word to you we have some tutorials on best practices with Google my business that is a free business listing that all businesses can get if you’re looking for customers around where you live whether you have a business storefront or not you get this free listing and with this free listing becomes this free website which we’re about to walk you through right now and do in the next about 15 or 20 minutes and because this is live we’ll do Q&A at the end as well so feel free to ask a question or hold your question to the end and I’ll be happy to answer it all right so when you log in to your Google my business backend it’s going to look like this well actually this is the website let’s go back home just so I can walk you step-by-step through all of this this is your Google my business back-end I’m not going to get into all this in this article but the important point here that you want to see is at the bottom on the left is website and when you click on that it will take you to this web builder this Google buy builder and I’m just gonna walk you through step by step through all of this so the first thing you might want to look at in the top left here is themes so I clicked on that and you’re gonna see several different themes here on the left and when you click through these you can see there’s some different fonts there’s some different coloring and this is one of the things where it’s very limited customizing you can’t change the font and the colors you’re just built with you can’t change which font and which color it is at least as of right now so you’re stuck with whatever Google combines and I think as I’m clicking through here let’s I actually liked this one right here let’s just stick with this one for now and you can kind of fit it with the theme of your business and and your overall kind of feel for your industry in your business but I’m gonna click this one for right now so once that is clicked and this is important you got to remember to do this every time and I made this mistake several times in the past you want to hit this check mark at the top next to theme and when I click the check mark it will save it if you click out without hitting that it will not save it and you’ll have to do the work again unfortunately not a big deal for the theme but it gets to be a bigger deal when you’re doing more font and or the more of the text based so the next step here is to click on the edit button here with the text and this is where we can start editing the home page so are the the top of the home page so right on the right the first thing here is the button in the button you can choose from several buttons call now contact us get quote make appointment send a text message or send a message through whatsapp which will not charge you the reason that option is available is because it won’t charge you through your SMS service so I’m gonna click you can do any of these but I’m gonna do contact us because that’s the the main way for the for my business and you could make appointment where people can book appointments and if you click that it actually will you’ll have a URL you can enter in I’m gonna do I’m going to do [Music] let’s do contact us one thing I didn’t mention that you’re probably like where did some of this information come from in this web builder well once you fill out your Google my business listing once you fill out some information and put some pictures in there it this builder actually pulls that information from your Google my business and one of the awesome things about the Builder that Google has built in there is that when you make updates to your Google my business listing it pulls it automatically and updates the free website so you’ll see what I’m saying as we go along but for example if you update your ours right here which is listed right here and the days that you’re open Oh actually it’s gonna take us right there see if you wanted to update it you had to you would have to go to your Google my business listing so that it’s it kind of flows over so as you make you don’t it’s kind of cool because you know you hit two birds with one stone you make one f2 update and it affects your Google my business listing and your website which i think is really cool personally so I’m gonna hit apply and let’s see it might take us back to the website here it did not so we’re gonna click on the back on the website link at the bottom left so here we are we’re back at it so we’re gonna do contact us okay then it updates the button right here then this is where it gets more interesting and when we’re gonna get more into the marketing side so this is the headline and I’m gonna delete this and I’m just gonna write some random stuff so you can see where that goes that is going to be the first thing people see when they logged onto your website when they visit your website at the top here is going to be your business’s name and you’ll never be able to change that that will always be the name of your business so I think it’s very repetitive and not necessary in a waste of very valuable real estate to put your business here again so I think the headline needs to be something of a it needs to be your tagline it needs to be something more persuasive about the business so and it really I think personally it needs to be about the problem you’re solving for your customer so I’m going to see I’m gonna say get more customers with local marketing okay so that’s that’s kind of the that’s salt that is the solution to my customer my potential customers problem and I think that headline is much stronger and it connects with your potential customer much stronger than saying your business’s name again or something more more generic I think it should be very specific and to the point and then under that is the description and I’m just gonna write some random stuff here so you can see where that updates over here under your your tagline and this is really open to anything and it really can be the only thing I’d recommend is not putting a lot of text I recommend a couple phrases to represent your business and what you do and for me I’m gonna make it more persuasive I’m gonna try to build some Authority and social proof which are to persuasion terms and Authority basically just means you know what you’re doing right you can display your certified your an award winning whatever that might be and for me I’m just gonna do I’m gonna write let’s do in you know a lot of people say in business over X amount of years been practicing law for X amount of years so I’m gonna say in business over ten years it’s not a sense but it’s more like a phrase and then I’m gonna do a little up and down bar and I’m going to say over 55 clients served okay again that social proof I’ve done this and and you kind of got to fit it in for your business you don’t wanna you wanna you want to make it fit into your business in your background and all that but I like these short phrases for here and then your let’s say build some trust your satisfaction is my number one priority okay so there I think it looks pretty good there so it has the businesses name get it has your little tagline and then it has some things where you can build up some persuasion where you can build up what you’re doing in business and then you’re separating it with those bars and then has when you’re open and when you’re available to get customers and then contact us because you got that great call to action and I think that’s a great little summary and one of the things that Google changed here is at the top there it says get quote call now and we actually will be able to change that but let’s go ahead and hit save and yeah so yeah and then and open it up for us so those are some great calls to action right there that’s why I really like this website especially as a free website because those call to actions are up there so let’s keep moving down with the website once you you know it’s pretty simple here it’s about just putting your information and summarizing your business there but as we scroll down Google’s going to pull a picture from your Google my business that you’ve already uploaded and I’m not a big fan of this picture I don’t think it represents the business well you really want this to be a picture that represents what you do the overall business so I’m gonna click edit header photo and you want to go ahead and upload a photo that you think represents your business and then it will go ahead and upload it and there we go so there’s you know it’s not a perfect picture but it’s it’s me kind of about my computer there and it kind of represents digital marketing or online marketing if you don’t have any pictures yet you do not want to go onto Google and just snag any random photos because if somebody owns that photo they can actually come after you and hit you with a fine I’ve had a client happened to that before she got I think I think it was a 1200 ollar fine hit on her for using a a professional photo that she should not have been using you want to go to a website a good recommendation is pixabay and you can google that or its and they have a whole slew of free pictures you can use that will represent your business but I highly highly highly recommend getting your own pictures because stock photos it’s better than no photos but it doesn’t build your trust up like of course your own photos being take so then we have that nice picture right there and then as we scroll down and here’s where it gets a little bit more interesting and if this is new to you this is one of the cooler parts of the website and if this is new to you it might surprise you quite a bit so what Google does is or google this google builder pulls the google posts that you made on your Google my business listing and if Google Post is a new thing for you we have a tutorial on it on my youtube channel and it’s basically a social media type component for Google my business and for specifically small business they’re their listings for small businesses so it’s pulling these posts I made thought called Google posts and displaying them in the website and what’s cool about them they’re time-stamped so when potential customers come to this website they will see oh this person what’s this business been up to and if you do posts every week which is what I recommend for the average business then that customer can see what you’ve done over the last several weeks events you know representing services prod new products maybe you hired a new employee maybe you’re celebrating a milestone whatever it is in that business that potential customer can visit and say oh this is what’s going on with this business it’s kind of cool because most business websites are more static and stale but this is something where when you make a Google post it actually pulls it through and displays it right there on your website very cool and then there’s also called the action with the posts so if I wanted someone to learn about something specific then so for example if you click on this it takes you to YouTube to watch this this YouTube articleand then it shows some I think what is that three six nine so it shows nine your most nine most recent Google posts and then here’s where it gets even more interesting and this is one of the new things that Google added to the to the website and their recent update is services and services again this is something that’s pulling from your Google my business listing and I’m just going to click Edit services you can see here as I scroll down I can very kind of simply and it’s organized pretty well a lot of whitespace read about all the services I provide now this is marketing but let’s say you were a lawncare company if you had lawn maintenance sod installation mulch and maybe you have miscellaneous you can out so for example maybe a sod installation and under each type of installation you want to list the different types of sods you can do that all within Google my business so let’s click Edit services so I can I’m not going to walk you through creating the whole thing but I’ll show you what it’s like so this is back into Google my business listing under info and you can edit your services so when you add a service it’s gonna ask you for the item name it’s gonna ask you for the price if you want to list the price publicly and this is great for say a salon where all your prices are pretty much public in the same versus service based businesses where I know there’s more of a price range but you don’t have to add a price if you don’t want to and then you can write a description and then you hit save and it will save it and you can add you can add different services you provide in different types of categories and all those services will be pulled from your Google my business and shown on your website and once you add those and edit those you can click this button at the top and will take you back to the web builder so that’s that’s I mean I think that’s pretty awesome that it can show just pull it right there and show it for you so if you do the work in Google my business first you can actually go to this website and it will all it will be all there for you automatically and then as you get more and more Google reviews on your listing it pulls your reviews and your most recent one see it’s time-stamped and will show testimonials right there on your website I know a lot of people struggle putting testimonials on their website because of a plug-in or things like that but Google’s kind of implemented it right here and it has a call to action for people to write a review as well so now that we’re scrolling down this gets back to things that you need to add within the Builder so as we scroll down this action of the website which Google just called about us is called the summary header in summary body which we see here on the left this can really be anything I mean it can be case studies it could be more about your services really I think and I like the recommendation to make it about us or our story of the business because you want to talk about things you want to have information about you so that people can potential customers can connect with you so right here I’m just gonna I’m gonna put about us because I think that’s a good idea actually let’s make it different let’s say our story just so you can see what that looks like and in the body I’m not gonna walk you through all the content but I want to show you some of the capabilities and things I recommend when you’re writing this you don’t want to and so you can see it coves right here on the right under our story you don’t want to have a big paragraph here you want to make it very mobile friendly you want to make it one to two sentences a paragraph so you can say I’m just gonna write some text really quick and then I mean you can write a lot more than this of course but you can hit enter and create some space but what I really want you to do and take advantage of is the bullet points and the numbers which is a very mobile friendly technique so I’m gonna say Google my business management and let’s just just so you can see what it looks like social media management reputation management that all doesn’t all look perfect it doesn’t look exactly perfect but you get the idea so you can see that however you put it in this box it’s going to update over here on the right and it looks pretty good I mean I think it looks pretty darn good the way they flow it over flow it over it has even a little tinted color there on the screen so that you can tell it’s kind of its own section but one thing I want to say and this is the part that comes in where this is an additional link for your current website this is where you’re helping your SEO out and I I I didn’t really realize this until I think a month ago when another marketer said it but with your business in your small business or if you’re a marketer working for a local seo you want to build links right and this is a great free link that you can build for your website so I can say click here to learn more about us and I can highlight this and this little link button here at the bottom I can click that and it will be a link and I can put my website or a specific page on my website if I wanted to and that link is right there in the website and a couple more features here I could bold it if I wanted to see that’s bold I could underline it you can italicize it so there’s a lot of features right here that can make text stand out I can say you know let’s just do Google my business to have some fun here I can bold Google my but I can bold different words to make them stand out when your customers are there so that is the other area that you can customize and you can see it looks pretty nice right there always remember hit that check mark or it will not save so we’re getting we’re getting to the yeah save right there so we’re getting to the end of the website and remember remember it’s only a one page website but as I scroll down now this is going to get down to the gallery and this is the gallery is basically the photos that have been uploaded to your Google my business and this is another great cool thing where as you upload custom or as you upload photos to your Google my business it will pull them and show them right here so it’s not going to stay the same if you’re uploading new photos every month which is what I recommend these photos are going to be constantly changing you’re going to be constantly adding to it which is a good best practice technique and even Google says tell the story of your business you really want to use the photos to tell the story of your business so we’re continuing to scroll down here I have some photos and then now we have the contact us information I am a service area I’m a service based business is what Google calls it but if you have a physical location it will have a dot on where your business is and then we have one final call to action with business hours at the bottom and that’s pretty much the gist of it that is pretty much the gist of the website now let’s and just right there in 15 minutes just through clicking around we created this pretty nice website now when you’re ready to publish it it’ll say publish here at the top right but for me it says view site but if I click on that you’ll get a a glimpse of what this looks like it looks pretty good business’s name at the top call to actions at the right contact us call now you get to make your pitch here at the top of why they should do business with you contact us a nice little picture posts to learn what the business has got going on we got services that you provide and if I’m looking for those services I’m continuing to build trust with that potential customer then we have testimonials building trust then we have our story or about us where we can talk more and more about how great of a business we are and all the expertise we have here’s a gallery of pictures and then finally one more call to action to do business with us so that’s a pretty cool website and let me let me shrink it here so you can see what it looks like on mobile and I know it’s over on the side here but just hang with me here it’s that picture moves to the top and it’s very mobile friendly it still looks pretty good big pictures which is important now in 2019 scroll through your recent posts a lot of content to get through a lot of information that I could learn about and on the bottom there look called the actions throughout okay calls the actions throughout always their call in contact so that’s a pretty good website now I know people ask me like how do I decide if this is the right website for me how do I determine let me move this out there for you how do I determine if this is something I should be doing for my business I have a website well if your website first of all if you’re not getting a lot of customers from your website and your website is 510 years old and it is hanging on by a string maybe it keeps getting hacked whatever it is this is a good option because it’s a free option it’s something that could just give you an immediate update an immediate refresh for your business also if you’re looking to sell under $1,000 maybe even $1,500 or less on your website you’re trying to go lean you’re trying to go budget this is a great option for you because it’s hard to find somebody who I mean sometimes you can find it but it’s hard to find somebody who can run a business off you know $1,000 or less websites it’s just hard to do especially if you’re not comfortable with hiring online if you can hire online then you might be able to find somebody with a good background on a fiber or something like that but if you’re looking to do it yourself and take more control over it this is a fantastic option and again if you just so I can point it out to you if you’re like I already got a great website I don’t really need this Blake but you’re wanting to help your SEO a little bit then this is just another link right here that you can put out there on the Internet let’s talk a little bit more about some of these more technical things so Google does give you a free domain name here’s the domain name and for me it’s well for you – it’s gonna be your business’s name dot business dot site so it’ll always be dot business site you can change the site name if you’d like but you can also click this and buy a custom domain and you can buy a domain name within your website if you wanted to if you’re brand new or you’ve changed your business’s name you can click that and Google will take you to their domain so I just want to show you what this looks like so my domain is obviously taken but when you search it’s not just dot coms which is interesting they also show you expert today us dot biz you can buy all kinds of websites so even if somebody has bought you’re calm which you are a little bummed about you can then this is a branding decision and it might be a whole new conversation but I’m just saying I just wanted to mention that you can buy different domains dot expert is $50 a year but it is out there and you can get it for your name or your business’s name if it’s if it’s already taken and you can buy that right there within Google and pay it and it will associate to this website you can also change the language right here at the bottom you can change the language if you’re in a different country which is a nice feature because we know not well the vast majority of actually these businesses are not even in the you are of these websites that are being created or actually out of the US they’re there in all kinds of different countries like Brazil for example so there’s not too much going on here I’ll show you this one thing right here too when you when you click share website you can share it amongst different platforms if you wanted to share it but that’s pretty much the gist of it there’s not you know you can really build it in no joke 15-20 minutes and have a good looking website out there in Google and you can start sharing it I do recommend getting that new domain name because the dot business dot site I mean for ten dollars twenty dollars a year you can get a branded comm or a dot biz or something like that and it makes you look a lot more professional but you don’t have to they give you a free domain and free hosting which is pretty cool so that pretty much sums up everything I got there I don’t have anything else I’ll see if there’s any questions or I’ll open it up for any Q&A s and if you don’t have any then I’ll just continue to move on here looks like one person is still watching and if you have any questions I’d be happy to answer but if not we’re gonna go ahead and wrap up this live stream thanks for watching y’all take this information about this business or this businesses website create it use it for you to create your first website build your website’s current SEO whatever you need it for go out crush it make it happen I want to see you make it happen again I’m Blake Stockton thanks for watching go out and crush it all right take care 

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