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Hostinger claims to offer premium level web hosting at dirt-cheap introductory prices but are their services that they provide as hot as their promises? Stay tuned, because we are going to find out if Hostinger can walk the talk! Hello all, I’m Daren and welcome to our in-depth Hostinger review and here are the 10 things we like about Hostinger! If this is your first time tuning in or if you don’t know what we’re all about lemme just give you a quick little introduction to Bitcatcha and what we do here Basically, we review services that freelancers and small business owners might find useful and share our findings here so you can make better and informed decision before taking the plunge Anyway, moving on we’re here to talk about the merits of Hostinger so let’s jump right in! Number One, Hostinger is Really Fast! We have spoken about core web vitals in the previous videos so i’m not gonna cover it today but if you wanna learn more please check out the video listed in the captions below The point is your web hosting needs to be really FAST because your server’s speed has a direct correlation to sales Naturally, one of the first things we’ve tested on Hostinger is how fast their server response times are around the world To do that, we have got ourselves three test accounts with servers in the USA, Europe and Asia to see how well they perform in our server speed checker tool We tested the US server first and the results blew us away with a worldwide average of a blazing 143ms! They’re slowest to load all the way in Bangalore but that’s expected given the distance Next, we put their Singapore server to test to see how well they perform in Asia and they still provided with good results! At a worldwide average of 175.8ms the server proves to be speedy as hell in Japan and Bangalore with their fastest response time of 5 ms in their home ground, Singapore Lastly, we ran their European server through our server speed checker and their results were … I wanna say bad to make thing a little exciting but unfortunately, they were SO damn good at a global average of 165ms This server is fastest in Canada and London and it clocked in a ridiculously fast 11ms in Germany so if you’re targeting European audiences, this would be perfect for you If you’re worried about server slowdowns when loaded from far away places well, worry not It’s a literal non-issue as Hostinger has a grand total of 7 data centers located in the USA, UK, Netherlands, Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia and the last one in Lithuania Just pick a server that’s closest to your audiences and your site will enjoy Hostinger’s fast loading speeds Number Two, 99.9% UPTIME GUARANTEE Downtime means people can’t access your site and when they can’t do that, it means your site is NOT selling! Have your site go down more often enough and it may even cause you to lose your ranking on Google which end up in even more damage in sales! This is why an uptime guarantee is so important to us It shows that the web host takes your site seriously and will do everything they can to ensure your site doesn’t go down unintentionally Hostinger’s Uptime guarantee is suh-weet offering you a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% a month or they’ll give you 5% of your monthly hosting fee back Well, In credits, not cash, but we’re not complaining Honestly though I don’t feel like you need to worry about downtimes with them because remember our 3 test sites? We’ve been tracking their uptimes and so far, we’ve pretty happy with the results Please check out our test sites to find out more! Number Three, Faster loading with Cache Manager Quick server speeds are good and all but that’s just one part of the equation What other things can Hostinger do to help your site load faster? The answer lies in their Cache Manager The server may be able to respond and deliver data quickly but if the site isn’t set up to efficiently load that data people are still gonna find it pretty slow Hostinger’s Cache Manager stores all the site’s static content onto ridiculously fast cache servers so when there’s a request to view your site everything renders at ludacris speeds If you’re hosting with Hostinger always make sure to keep Cache Manager on! Number Four, Speed Increasing Benefits! Hostinger’s premium shared account came PACKED with lots of benefits that increases speed in more ways than one What I mean is that it allows us to get things done more quickly and more conveniently For example, there’s the 1 click installer It literally helps you to install apps for you in just a click saving you time and trouble from doing it manually PHP 7 is THE biggest PHP release in more than a decade and it’s EASILY twice as fast as PHP5.6 Hostinger supports that GIT support allows you to solve problems faster by quickly and seamlessly working with other developers and then there’s NGINX caching which boosts WordPress performance by turbocharging the loading speed of static content via the streamlining of data They’ve also got Http2, which is faster, easier and more secure to use than http1 Number Five, Excellent Custom Dashboard cPanel is a fan favourite of many developers and site builders when we heard that Hostinger uses their own custom Hpanel dashboard we thought they had really big balls, or maybe they’re just really stupid Turns out, we find out that their HPanel is very easy to use without sacrificing any functionalities whatsoever It’s clean, very well designed and very intuitive You know that their UX designers put in a lot of effort in creating this dashboard because everything feels like it belongs without single icon feeling out of place It’s so well designed that a complete beginner has no trouble in navigating through their menus Number Six, Responsive, fun support! Picture this: you wake up one day and find that something’s horribly wrong with your website Nothing’s loading and your customers are getting very angry Not a problem, you contact support to fix the issue but end up connecting with Forrest Gump with nary a clue with what’s happening To me, that’s pure nightmare scenario When shit hits the fan, I depend on support to bail me out If support can’t help me then i get annoyed and i’m still screwed Hostinger understands the importance of good support and they will do their best to keep their customers happy Their team is very responsive, well trained, and very patient You can ask all the stupid questions you have and they’ll happily answer They practice a “zero-tier” support system This means each member of the team is trained to answer every single query without forwarding to upper tier support which results in a faster problem solving Another good thing about their support is that they serve over 20 countries in their local languages so users won’t have to worry about things getting lost in translation Number Seven, Free Domain! Because i’m cheap, one of my favourite perks about Hostinger is that each account comes with a free domain name! If you just starting out, you know that costs can pile up very quickly scrimping can be the only way your business makes it out the right side up Regular domain names can easily cost anything from 10 to 15 bucks a year and getting this free from Hostinger is a massive plus considering their ridiculously low prices One thing though – you’ll have to pay for WHOIS protection which keeps your identity anonymous It’s only 5 bucks a year, or 0.0013 cents a day I think even the cheapest of us can find that damn affordable! Number Eight, Unlimited Features! Once again my cheapness rears its head! Hostinger’s premium plan comes PACKED with unlimited features that bring great value to their low prices! With Unlimited Websites allowed you can host as many sites as you want under just 1 account It’s pointless being able to host unlimited websites if you don’t have enough storage space for it so they generously threw in unlimited SSD storage to complement that feature They also provide unlimited bandwidth so we don’t need to worry about our sites crashing in case one of our blogs decides to break the internet Along with all that, is unlimited email accounts you can create as many email address to the domain as you want As a bonus, Hostinger also started providing FREE SSL with Let’s Encrypt so add that to your pile of perks ya! Number Nine, Great Introductory Price! We’ve been going on and on about their super low introductory prices but we haven’t actually gotten specific about how much their services cost… UNTIL NOW! Hostinger basically promises AND delivers all the same features of a premium web hosting company, but at a fraction of the price And we do mean a fraction of it, because come on their Premium plan only costs 2.89 a month, and their entry level plan? Just freakin 99 cents! Granted, these prices only come with their 48-month contract but hey, sign me up man To put things in perspective SiteGround charges $6.99 a month just for their entry level plan I say that Hostinger provides THE best bang for buck in the industry and is especially useful for those that are just starting out! Number Ten, They own the Zyro website builder As if they aren’t crushing it enough, Hostinger also recently acquired Zyro which offers a holistic experience to building websites If you haven’t heard of Zyro before, it’s pretty amazing the site builder doesn’t just help you to build your website quickly and beautifully but it offers tools to help you generate content too! They’ve got a logo and slogan maker which allows you to mix and match up designs to create your own custom logo There’s the AI heatmap that shows you what your visitors will focus their attention on based on your current design allowing you to tweak for perfection They’ve also tied themselves to Unsplash so you’ve got access to a HUGE image library that’s 100% free Lastly, they’ve got an AI writer which can auto generate content and blogposts While it’s not clearly mentioned it comes free as Hostinger’s default website builder There wasn’t a lot of things that marred our experience with Hostinger save for 1… They have no free daily backups They do not have free daily backups on their single shared or premium shared plan! This is so heartbreaking as we’re so used to the security of free daily backups from all the other brands we’ve used You can get it as an add-on at only 95cents a month but at that point, you might as well upgrade to their business shared hosting which has free daily backup If you don’t want to pay for backup services, you can still rest assured Hostinger provides free WEEKLY backup for all their accounts Not ideal, but at those prices, it’s a compromise we’re willing to make So, let’s wrap things up! Is Hostinger The Right Web Host For You? After putting Hostinger’s services through careful testing and getting intimate with their offerings I have to say that I like Hostinger very much! Their interface is one of the best i’ve seen and they’ve got great apps which makes it faster to set up WordPress Their server response times are great too comparable to the premium providers out there Support is very noob-friendly, so you don’t be afraid to ask stupid questions They’ll gladly guide you step-by-step in solving your issues If you’re just starting out you don’t have to worry about a thing with Hostinger Their excellent services combined with their low price points makes them the host with the best value for money If you find that you need more resources in the future you’ll always have the option of upgrading That’s all for our Hostinger review! If you enjoyed watching this please consider helping us by destroying the like button Also, subscribe! I will see you around! 

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