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if you know anything about affiliate marketing you’ve probably heard about clickbank and if you’ve signed up to clickbank you have probably also heard about clickbank university so i’ve gone through clickbank university and in this video i’m going to tell you guys what i thought about it what i liked what i didn’t like and whether or not i thought it was worth the money hello there welcome back to my channel my name is ari umland if you are new here welcome i am currently working towards my big goal which is to make 50 000 within my first eight months of doing affiliate marketing it’s a really big goal but i truly believe that i can do it and if you’re interested in that make sure to hit subscribe and also put on bell notifications so in this video i want to give you a review of clickbank university so i’m not gonna go into details about what you get i’m going to give you an overview of what clickbank university is and then i’m going to give you my opinion on it so let’s begin okay so what is clickbank university clickbank university is an online course about affiliate marketing made by clickbank so it consists of three primary sections you have the vendor section which is for those who are making products and promoting them or putting them up on clickbank and then you have the affiliate section which is for those who promote those products so you learn how to find products how to promote them how to build email lists build landing pages and so on in the affiliate section and the affiliate section is it’s an eight eight-week training program so you have like eight weeks with three or four videos per week then you also have the traffic section where you learn different methods of getting traffic to your landing page or to your offer you will also get access to clickbank forum which is a basic forum for the members and in addition to that you get the weekly q and a’s or weekly webinars with the clickbank university makers so you have there are three guys or three people you have adam justin and i think it’s milana those are the three that are doing the course so they have some weekly q and a’s where you can you know send in some questions and get answers and then you also have the option of getting the clickbank builder which is a very basic landing page builder and you will get the option to buy this like the minute you signed up for clickbank university they will upsell you the clickbank builder i’ll talk more about that later so when it comes to pricing the price for the basic membership where you’ll get access to the affiliate section vendor section traffic section the forum weekly calls is 47 a month and for the clickbank builder it is two payments of dollars so a total of 594 dollars for the clickbank builder but if you say no to that they down sell you afterwards so they are so generous that they give you an option of just paying ninety seven dollars seven times instead which maybe sounds good but if you look at it seven times 97 is actually 679 dollars so you end up paying more if you go for the down sell so as i said i went through the clickbank university i did not do the vendor section because i’m not really interested in that i am an affiliate so i did the affiliate section and the traffic section and now the question is was it worth the money and the answer is a big no it was not worth the money you can get better teaching on affiliate marketing for free if you just do a quick search on youtube so go on channels like liam james k chad bartlett miles beckler clickbank success you will get way better teaching on affiliate marketing for completely you know for free you don’t have to pay anything 47 a month is way too much for a not very good product okay so i’ll give you six reasons why i did not like clickbank university first of all they over promise and they under deliver which in my opinion is the opposite of what you should do so for instance they in the in the sales video they say that you can make your first commission with clickbank today that is pretty much impossible okay so first of all setting up the system that they’ll teach you takes a lot of time and then once you start the training they recommend that you do it one week at a time you know don’t rush this and they even have so so as i said the affiliate training is eight weeks and the five last weeks are actually locked once you start your training so you only get access to the first three weeks they don’t have to wait another three weeks before you get access to the rest so making a commission within your first day is pretty much impossible and then number two is that you have to pay for things that you don’t really need so for me i had to pay for the vendor section that was a big part of the price or at least a part of the price but i’ll never ever use the vendor section i was only interested in the affiliate training so i don’t really understand why they didn’t just split it up and say you can get the vendor training for let’s say 27 a month or you can get the affiliate training for 27 a month i don’t know why they put it into the same training you know it was probably just to make money i guess reason number three is that the affiliate training is just incredibly vague the instructions that they give are so unclear that it’s really hard to know what they want you to do so i’ll give you an example here i have a quote i don’t really think that i’m allowed to show you the actual video with the sound and everything i do have a quote from the ending of one of the videos so this is the last video of i think it’s week five or six or something like that and so adam gives you some instructions for what you should do to be prepared for the next week right so this is what it says for now just kinda go over what we talked about this week take some notes down do some exercises play around with it and we’ll talk to you next week just kind of go over what we talked about this week take some notes down do some exercises play around with it and we’ll talk to you next week reason number four is they give you no practical information eighty percent of the training is adam standing in front of the camera just telling you you should do this you should do that you should do this you should do this they never really show you how to do those things i really wish that they would have some over-the-shoulder training where you can see them actually making some you know lead generators building landing pages they do have they actually do have that but it’s very short and it’s only with the clickbank builder of course i just wish that they had some more practical information and the affiliate section itself is not long at all it’s only like two and a half hours and most of it as i said is adam standing in front of the camera telling you what you should do reason number five why i didn’t like clickbank university is because of clickbank builder so clickbank builder is optional but they highly recommend that you get it and as i said when building the landing page they only show you how to do it in clickbank builder clickbank builder really sucks okay it’s incredibly limited and for ninety seven dollars dollars a month you could almost get kartra or clickfunnels which is 99 dollars a month and is 100 times better so with the clickbank builder the only thing that you can make is landing page very very simple basic landing pages and even the landing page builder was complicated and i don’t know i i didn’t like it at all i cancelled my subscription to the clickbank builder very quickly and i got a refund which i guess is a pro for clickbank they do give you refunds but if you want a basic landing page builder for a fraction of the price i would recommend something like groove funnels which is 100 free you can also get landing gear which is it starts at 25 a month so they’re a fraction of the price and they are 10 times better so i’ll link both of those in the description below if you’re interested in that or you can also try aweber so actually in the affiliate training they recommend that you use aweber for your affiliate mark or your email marketing and i recommend that as well so that is actually a good thing about the clickbank university they did introduced me to aweber which i really like and i use it a lot so it’s like 19 a month and it’s mainly a email marketing software so that you can send automated emails but you also have a landing page builder inside which is better in my opinion than clickbank builder and now aweber also has a free plan so you can get the email marketing software and the landing page builder for free okay so i’ll link that as well down below so of course the links that i provide are affiliate links so if you end up upgrading or purchasing i will get a small commission for that at no extra cost for you now the last reason why i did not like clickbank university is because of the locked content so once you sign up you only get access to the first three weeks of the affiliate training and then you’ll have to wait three weeks before you get access to week four then you’ll have to wait another week to get access to week five and so on so you’ll have to wait you’ll have to wait like seven weeks to get access to all of it and the reason why they claim you know is because they don’t want to overwhelm you with information and they want you to do it one step at a time which sounds good but week one it’s like 18 minutes of content and if you can’t handle 18 minutes of information in less than one week then you have a serious problem so the entire affiliate training itself is two and a half hours and you should be able to watch all of that in one day without any problem right so that doesn’t really make sense but what does make sense is that clickbank has a 30-day money-back guarantee and honestly i just i think that they know that their product sucks and so they want you to stay signed up for longer than 30 days so that you cannot get a refund for the first payment so they luck five weeks and it’ll make you wait eight weeks before you’ve gone through the whole course and you can actually ask for a refund so there is an option of you know you could access the entire training within the first day if you want that is what i did so but you’ll have to send them an email and ask for it which i’m guessing most people don’t do i don’t know maybe they do i hope they do because then i can go through the training quicker and see that it’s not really worth the money okay so that is my opinion on the clickbank university maybe i was a bit harsh but i don’t know i guess at 47 a month it should really be a much much better training than this as i said you can go on youtube and find free training that is a lot better you can try another landing page builder which is then you know another one then clickbank builder which is 10 times better for the fraction of a price so clickbank university clickbank builder not worth it at all so have you tried clickbank university or maybe considered it let me know in the comment section down below and also do you like reviews like this i have done more affiliate marketing courses and i’d be happy to make more reviews like this so please let me know what you thought of it down below if you like this video make sure to hit thumbs up so that more people can know about what clickbank university really is like and that is going to be it for this video thanks for watching take care i will see you guys in the next video see you [Music] you 

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