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in this article i’ll show you step by step how to create your own landing page for free using aweber and also show you how to connect your landing page to your own domain so this is the landing page i’m going to show you how to build in this articleit’s a landing page where i give away a free lead magnet in exchange for an email address giving away something for free is the best way to get new leads and grow your email list and that’s exactly what you can use that landing page for and the cool thing with aweber is that on their free plan you can build landing pages so if you don’t already have an aweber account i’ll leave a link down below in the description that you can use to get yourself a free aweber account so go ahead log into your aweber account right now and let’s get started on our landing page alright so now i’m going to show you how to create a landing page inside of aweber so to do that we just go to the top menu and click on landing pages and then we create a new landing page by clicking on create a landing page on the top right and then we get to the page where we can decide to either start from scratch by choosing this one right here or we can choose already existing template they have some different templates for different kind of landing pages so just go through there and maybe you find a template that already looks like something that works very well for what you want to build for your business so they have some different stuff like coaching and consulting theme landing pages or maybe like a book promotion landing page and for this tutorial i’m going to choose this personal promotion um template because i think that’s kind of basic and it works for a lot of different industries so what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna build a lead magnet landing page where you can give away something for free in exchange for an email address so i’m gonna put a cover off my lead magnet right here and then change the text here and then that’s pretty much it so i’m going to choose this template right there to get started and that will take us into the landing page builder of aweber so this is the basic layout from our template that we have just chosen and if you want to change something here all you have to do is just click on the element and then on the right side you will see a menu let me just drag myself a bit to the left here so you see everything and then you can change everything here on the right if you want to add some new elements that aren’t already in the canvas you just go to the left side and drag in whatever you want to add so you can drag in an image right here or you can also drag in a button right there or whatever you see here on the left side so to kind of build this out you can just drag in whatever you want to so let’s actually get sorted and customize this landing page to what we want it to look eventually so if you want to have a logo on the top you can just replace this one or if you don’t want it just delete it by clicking here i actually i will import my logo so you see how it looks like so i’m going to click on the logo and then on the left side click on upload an image and then i’m going to choose this logo right here and i also i’m going to make it a bit smaller like this and there we go now we have our logo in there next thing i’m going to do is i’m going to change the image to the cover of my lead magnet so i’m going to click on it then on the right side there will be the menu i’m going to click on upload an image and then i’m going to choose the cover of my lead magnet open this and now it will insert this cover so what i want to do now is i want to change the size of this cover so i’m going to go to the right side and and untick this auto with button right there and then we have the sizing option available here this arrow that you see so here you can try to make this smaller or bigger but as you see it kind of snaps back into position so to fix that you can just drag out the ratio of this column to this column by just dragging it in the middle like this so when you drag it out you can make it a bit smaller so i think the size is pretty fine the way it looks right now but what i want to do now is i want to have like um kind of a gap in between this section here and this image so what i’m going to do is i’m going to click on the row right here and that will open up the row settings so as you see i have a row number one and row number two so the row number one is this left row right here and what i want to do is i want to make kind of a margin here on the right side so i’m going to go down to spacing i’m going to click on this and then on margin and i’m going to tick individual sides and then then i’m going to adjust this right padding right there so i’m going to just increase this to let’s say 25 pixels and that will give me 25 pixels off gap in between those two elements okay this looks good to me now i’m going to change the heading right here so just click on it and then change it to whatever you want it to be so i’m just going to name it get my seo youtube seo checklist for free and then i’m also going to change the text on the bottom right here to something more relevant for what i’m giving away so like this cool um now next thing let’s actually change the button right here so i’m gonna click on the button i’m gonna change the text to send it now because i wanna know people that if they type in the email right here i will send them this lead magnet that i’m advertising here basically um this looks fine let’s also change the color so i go to color on the right side i’m gonna make this let’s say green and the hover color which is the color that you see when you hover over the button i’m gonna make this like a lighter green so now when you hover over it it will be a bit lighter than when you’re not hovering over it with your mouse then i also i’m also going to change the shape so now it’s kind of um with those sharp edges and i want to make it a bit more round because i think it looks more modern so you can also do that by clicking on the button and then on the right side you have these options here so i’m just going to use click on this one and that makes it a bit more round here cool so now let’s move on to this part so here obviously in the template you have the social media icons where you can click on it and then on the right side you can kind of um enter your facebook links or your twitter handle and everything here i’m just going to delete this because i don’t really want that on my landing page so i’m going to delete it and now next thing i’m going to do is i’m going to change the background of my landing page so the way i do that is by just going out of the menu of the element by going to the cross right here on the top and that brings me to the page properties and here you see the basic design options here is where you can change the basic font so let’s say i want to change the font of my title right here i would have to go to header font right there and then i can change it to let’s say i make it arial black to make it a bit more bold and you can also change like the the font size and everything let’s for example change the body font to let’s say 20. actually that’s a bit too large let’s keep it at let’s keep it at 16 like this and then i go to the background right here on the bottom and i’m going to choose a file so i’m going to insert an image as a background i’m going to choose this texture texture file right here that i’ve downloaded from google i’ll insert it and now i think it’s a bit too too saturated in the background so i’m gonna um decrease the opacity here to let’s say thirty percent and i wanna make it a bit darker so i’m gonna choose the background color i’m going to make this black so now this whole form here pops a little bit better and also the logo pops a bit more than with that gray background cool so now the form is pretty much done or the landing page is pretty much done what we can also take a look at is the form itself so when you click on the form you get to the form options here on the right side so you can either you can for example right now uh only the email is required so if people only type in the email address and click on the button it will still go through if you want them to have to type in a name in order to for it to work you have to make it required so you can click on edit on the top right where it says name click on edit and then click on required right here and then you will also have you make this field required and you’ll see this asterix symbol right there now you can also add more fields if you want to so if you want to ask for more information you can create custom fields so if you click on this one right here on this custom fields let’s open this in a new tab then you can create new custom fields so i’ve created like a custom field called the website right here so now i could choose a new form field called website so i could choose website right here and then it would insert this as well and people could give me like their website if there’s something that’s like relevant for my business but most people will probably just ask for the name and the email cool so i could also show like privacy policy information and stuff like that um yeah and now and then the next thing is what happens when people actually type in their information where do they go and that’s what we have to set when we click on submission on the top right so normally when somebody types in their information in the landing page they will go to the so-called thank you page and with aweber they have like a standard default thank you page which looks like this so this is what they will see when when they type in their information it basically says that they have to go to their email inbox and confirm their subscription to your email list what i’m going to do this now for this tutorial but what i would actually recommend you do is you create a separate thank you page specifically for your business so you can design it really well and the way you do it is by just creating an another landing page so if you go back to your aweber account and create a new landing page you see they have a template right here and this thank you page template so you could just choose this template create your landing page and then you could right here um you could choose custom url and then just put in the url of that thank you page right here and then it would look a bit nicer than just this default thank you page of aweber but for the sake of the tutorial i’m just going to keep it simple and choose this simple thank you page right here and also the simple um already subscribed page which shows up when somebody already typed in this email um so they’re already subscribed and you can also give them tags so let’s say i want to give everybody that signs up through this landing page a tag called um youtube checklist landing page so i that i know everybody that has this tag came through this landing page all right so that’s it for the design now let’s go back to um to the page properties so if you go to the cross on the top right you can go back to the properties and then what we haven’t looked at yet is the settings so if you click on settings you see here that there are the landing page url settings and right now if you were to publish this landing page this would be the url which as you can see doesn’t look very nice so what you want what you want to do is you want to create a custom url or a custom domain for this landing page so for me it would be something like something combined with so what i would suggest to do is to create a sub domain like something like or where you can then host your landing page and i’m going to show you how to set this up probably um so you probably haven’t already set this up for your account so the way you do this is by going to customize subdomain i would open this in a new tab right here and that takes you to your account settings so you could also go to to this one right here go to account click on domains and addresses and that’s how you get there and then when you scroll down you see the option to connect your own domain and as you see i have already connected two subdomains to kind of show you how it works because it does take some time until it’s actually set up but you probably don’t see anything right here because you haven’t set this up for yourself so the way you do this is by clicking on connect domain and then you have to decide on your domain or on your sub domain so let’s say i want to host it on my domain so medics media now um if i just type in then the entire domain will be just a landing page so what i i don’t wanna like if you if this is like your main website you don’t wanna mess it up by um directing the landing page to your to your home domain so what you want to do is create a subdomain so you can do something like and that’s called a subdomain so just type in whatever applies to you so whatever your domain is and then click on next dns settings and here’s kind of the instruction of what we have to do to connect our domain with aweber so what we have to do is go to the dns settings of our um our hosting provider of our registrar of the domain and then we have to add a so-called cname record so i’m going to show you how to do to do this in bluehost because that’s my registrar provider so all you have to do is to go log in to your registrar account in my case this would be bluehost then i go to my domains and choose the domain that is relevant here so that would be maddix media go to manage and then go to the dns settings right here and here i can add some different records so as you see here when you scroll down you get to the cname records and here’s where i have to add a new record so i click on add record right here and then i just have to paste the information that um that they give me here so the host name as you can see here would be free and i just click on it and then it will automatically copy and copy in my clipboard then i paste it in this field right here and then points to this address so click on it to copy it to your clipboard go back to your hosting provider and then points to total time you can just leave it as default and then click on save and then it should be able to save it and it does take a couple of hours until it’s actually propagated and works so um it takes up to 48 hours depending on your provider and for me it just took like a couple of hours like three to four hours or something so um once it’s done go back to your aweber account click done and then you will see this one on the bottom edit and once in a while you can just click on refresh like every like hour or so to check if it’s already connected but again it takes a couple of hours now when you’ve done that you can go back to your landing page your landing page that you’ve built right here and then you can choose custom domain and then you can choose the domain right here that you have set up in my case i’ve set up some subdomains before so i can show you how it works so i would let’s say use this one and then i can also adjust a path after this url so let’s say this would be let’s say checklist so then it says forward slash checklist and that’s the final url um cool so that’s pretty much uh it for the landing page now what we can do is click on preview on the top right if you want to see how it actually looks like um looks pretty good to me so let’s go back to the editor and the one thing i forgot actually is to give it the names on the top right we can give it a name so let’s name this one youtube checklist and now i’m going to go to the bottom right and click save and exit and as you see now it’s added to your landing pages all we have to do now is click on publish on the right side and then it will make this landing page live and people can actually visit it here you can see the link oops sorry let’s let’s actually go back so here you can see the link of the landing page so you can open this in a new tab and as you see here this is your landing page and again you can test it out by just typing in a name and email address right here and as you see this is our subdomain on the top and also secured with ssl alright so that’s exactly how we can create a landing page using aweber that segment was actually part of my complete aweber tutorial that’s also available here on youtube for free so if you’re new to email marketing or you want to learn more about how to set up your email marketing with aweber you can click on this articleright here and watch that tutorial if this articlewas helpful to you make sure to give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment down below with any questions or suggestions and also subscribe to the channel if you’re new here to not miss any upcoming videos with that being said thank you very much for watching and i look forward to seeing you in the next article

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