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hey friend looking to make some extra money online I don’t know 12-minute affiliate can help you do that hey my name is Chris from Chris and gia back time and it’s very exciting up so we are going to be doing a 12-minute affiliate review our Isis is a quick Bank product we’re gonna dive deep into the benefits and features and take a sneak peek in the back office and look at the pros and cons to help me decide whether or not this could help you make money online to stick around packed [Music] so welcome hey if you don’t know this channels all about empowering you the whole business entrepreneur with the mindset and the online skill sets to get results make more money and drive the breakthrough you deserve so if you write content like that which is pretty much making money online online business and passive income then get the video like consider subscribing to the channel and smash that bell because then you’ll be notified whenever I dropped new videos which is pretty much an almost daily basis right now alright so let’s get right down into this review this is 12-minute affiliate review like I said it’s a Clickbank product to find so let’s check it and check it out and see if it’s in the gym or is it a scam we don’t know all right so the Creator is a gentleman by the name of Devon Devon Brown and you only see him in there’s actually a webinar that you have to go through before you can purchase the product if you go to clickbank and you only see an image of him one time and like actually you don’t either than that you can’t really find him anywhere else so I thought that was pretty interesting so who is this for it’s for anyone who wants to make money online from home anyone who’s trying to begin a home business entrepreneur and especially affiliate marketers now what exactly is the 12th minute affiliate system alright well according to this sales page into the webinar is a system to make for under $60 per day and online affiliate commissions that you can literally copy his strategy in 12 minutes and so when you break it down and go down into it basically it’s an affiliate marketing system a done-for-you system with capture pages follow-ups offers and things like that so if you want to get started on it the pricing on it the basic membership is nine ninety five and as a matter of fact I’ll actually just show you the page here so you can select your membership level so they have two membership levels looks like a basic level and then the gold level and in each one you get like a plucking place system with the affiliate marketing system you pick the niches ready to go funnels follow-up email messages you can send to your list a funnel wizard where you can create your own funnel there’s an interacts s circle and then don’t be you traffic that they have all right and then you can do a test drive for $10 and then after that it’s point seven bucks a month or you can do the basic life basic lifetime membership which is three hundred ninety seven bucks or if you do the gold membership is ten dollars try on a nice Center bucks per month after that or seven hundred ninety seven almost 800 bucks for the full lifetime membership so all right and so like I said if you wanted to take a look at here is a sales page where you would run into if you were coming from Clickbank and it’s basically saying sending you straight into a webinar and then this webinar he discusses some of the things about affiliate marketing some basics things that he learned about affiliate marketing that he’s sharing and like I said this is the only about the only time you get to see a picture of him here this is what he looks like just before getting into the webinar if you wanted to take a look so once you go through the webinar and you click online there to buy to purchase the product I just did the ten dollar trial then you’ll be taken into the back office here we are so you’re in the back office and he said the whole claim is that you can get started in twelve minutes by setting this up really quickly and so you’re if you’re a basic remember you choose which niche you want to promote and then you can create a free affiliate account probably with like if you click on this yes they’ll probably tell you you need to create an affiliate account with Clickbank and you can put your Clickbank gotta be right there if your basic number they tell you to choose which niche you’re an ant either in a home business weight loss or personal development niche and whichever one you pick that and then they want you to get your autoresponder setup so you can get an autoresponder which can be a Weber get response MailChimp any one of those and then here to actually telling you they’re actually recommending Aweber account so you can plug that in and then you get the autoresponder and they tell you to set up the autoresponder so you can use some step by steps ways that you’re gonna do that and then here’s your affiliate may activate your 12-minute affiliate funnels so you have a list body from your Aweber and you can activate them so that suppose once you send traffic to your 2dz to these uh to view your built in and field products I guess you can click here and then here all your affiliate products that you can promote obviously the course John Gaston ease Clickbank system traffic Ivy so though a lot of these are Clickbank products actually that you can promote yeah so that’s what that looks like alright and then optionally you can do the dump for you setup which is two minutes I guess so so they’ll do the setup for you if you don’t want to do it or whatever and then you can get traffic get done for you traffic set to your niche to your funnels and you can buy the traffic here so so it looks like you know they tell you to get started right away here’s if you click here step by step guide so complete the quick checklist and then order traffic to you system so if you wanted to do that click on there now say hey you can click on here and get traffic so basically what you’re doing is you’re buying clicks you’re buying clicks from whatever source to your to your to your funnel pages in order to build your list and potentially make sales all of which they can’t guarantee because they’re not they’re only gonna guarantee real traffic but the quality of the traffic well we don’t really know all right and then so if we go back to the step by step order traffic and then join their private Facebook groups if you click here to do that they’ll actually take you here to the Facebook group so they do have 12-minute affiliate inner circle group it’s been around since December of 2018 it’s only 25 people and Nash so it doesn’t seem like a whole lot of people in the group so maybe not a whole lot of support for you so that’s something and then step four part taking opportunities for training okay go through the QuickStart setup and then you can start the custom funnel builder so you can build your own funnels I guess that’s okay cool and then you start emailing your list regularly you know sending them content although there’s no mention of any creating content here and then they recommend get one-on-one coaching and then be patient and consistent and then ask questions and then I get just a free vacation you can get and then be you wanted to step in and play full out okay so I guess you can get coaching here one on one coaching so it’s probably going to be another another cost to you oh yeah there we go 297 bucks for one-on-one coaching all right whatever value you may get from that and I guess you can upgrade the account here and then here’s the account information here’s the dump for you traffic we look at that already already in minutes if you want to look at other traffic methods they have a guide here looks like a guide on insta new book 16 ways to get free traffic to your website so you can download that to take a look at that and then they have a personal development library here so I guess you want to listen to some personal development I guess you can download the PDF and the books and stuff like that so looks like some interesting information here how many help okay and then top affiliate products so we saw this already so these are just pretty much products and systems that you can promote off a Clickbank already and that seems to be the extent of this system right there so in terms of things that I like I do like that it’s a system of capture pages that you can leverage apparently you would have that so that would be something that is good and then there are follow-up emails and lists that they give to you that which is good and there’s a list building focus which I do like because it’s the email list building is the number one thing any online business entrepreneurship be doing regardless of what you’re doing online and then of course there’s a money-back guarantee from Clickbank sort of thing I don’t like is that Amanda was like even the Bernard and the sales page there was like an overhyped nosov income claims right for example being able to make foreigner 60 bucks per day online affiliate Commission’s even with it feel even with a affiliate marketing system like this you should still that is still a very overly hyped up claim because it takes a lot of skills and time to put the skills together and the things necessary to create a campaign a funnel a system that can generate five hundred dollars per day in income and affiliate commissions that’s not easy to do so it seemed to be hyped up to me and then on top of it there’s really no training on creating valuable content here right you think about the idea that online content is really your currency that’s how you showcase value to the marketplace and there’s really no discussion of that or talking about that in this system is more like plug and play and then that should be good to go below how do you get people to come to your offers how do you deliver value to the marketplace so that they did in turn will click on your stuff and buy your stuff right it doesn’t it’s not just simply just running random traffic to it you got to create valuable content for that to run that traffic to instead of the Running Room straight to your offers and so I don’t like that I also didn’t like the fact that this dunker you traffic that they gave to you has major limitations like you don’t know the source of this traffic right so you don’t know the quality of the clicks that you’re getting right I mean you can get a thousand clicks but if they’re crap quality or non-targeted people then it defeats the purpose you’re paying more than you should right and so I don’t like that idea and in addition to the fact there’s no real training for you to learn how to run traffic yourself which is the biggest thing that systems like this don’t do fee right they give you all the duck you web pages and capture pages and the lead and the fun leak magnets and emails but you still have to run traffic you still gotta drive traffic to your offers to your pages to your content and if you don’t know how to do that you’re stuck in the mud and that’s what I don’t like because this tray in addition to the fact that you know I’m looking at this just really didn’t really any see any real system supporter I mean Facebook group look pretty bleak right so if you have questions who do you ask and right and honestly I’ve seen better relate marketing systems out here I like I like the Philly marketing system because it’s really good for the beginner to help bring things together so I can start making some money and you started making and you slowly build the skills necessary to go out on your own but I’ve seen way better ones than this one it seems this one seems very bleak and very plan to me and I was ultimately the one thing that these systems do have that our kind of disadvantage is that thinking often and make people too dependent on the system to provide a lemak survive the to create the funnel pages to create that since the email campaigns to write the emails and that diminishes the necessary requirement for any entrepreneur online to build and necessary skills to be successful it’s your building of your skills that will guarantee and ensure your success and this system was to fall over and crash randomly you wouldn’t go down with it because you would have developed your own skills and you can take those skills wherever you want and wherever you want to promote whatever you want to whatever system and being able set up shop and rebuild your empire and so that’s one of the things that I’m not usually a fan of so ultimately I give this thing two and a half stars because it is a my system that’s good I like that I like the idea of a good feeling marketing system for beginners to help but hey man I lack some major components that that you need for successful online business like learning how to drive traffic and creating valuable content and then ultimately there’s just better options available out there to do this so hopefully this was helpful for you this was my affiliate 12 minute affiliate system review hopefully helped me decide whether or not this is the right system for you to help make money online if you did and found that hey give the video a like and cuz hit up here to consider subscribing to the channel if you wanna know why number one recommendation system for making money online that’s working for me and has the system support behind it and check out the script to the link in the description below alright hey if you want to watch more videos on how to make money online and if you like this one right here so to the next exciting episode my friend be blessed stay hungry that’s the other natural poos 

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